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What is Wantagate?

Asked by colog (73points) January 10th, 2008

I think it involves Ron Paul? What’s the story?

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The story starts with Leo Wanta, an American businessman, supposedly entrusted with large sums of money (often quoted at $27.5 trillion) by Ronald Reagan in an arbitrage scheme to sink the Soviet economy. Wanta was imprisoned for fraud after Reagan left office, supposedly in an effort to get him out of the way and seize the money. Since his release from prison, Wanta has attempted to return the money to the U.S. Treasury, in an effort to lower the national debt.

The theories continue that corrupt American officials including President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson have tried to block the transfer of this money back to the American people and use it instead for their personal gain. Christopher Story, a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher and publisher of, has made many claims about the story, most recently that Paulson was killed on New Years Day 2008, but this appears to be false.

There is no specific connection to Ron Paul, except that the scandal has gotten some attention on his unofficial forums.

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This goes a bit deeper then just the above. Leo Wanta came out of Russia with 2000 TONS of Gold bars. Part of this was in the vaults of the twin towers. A woman was going to work at the towers on the morning of 9/11 and saw one semi loaded and covered plus another that was being loaded by a bunch of black dressed men and guards all over the place. It scared her so she went back home and lived to tell about this. Much of this info can be found in AOL’s Research and Learn. Just type in 9/11 and you’ll get pages of info. Read the archives at for the Wanta story.

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As for Paulson, George Bush Sr., when He was head of the CIA created what is called Operation Mocking bird. This is a program designed to hide the news, Facts, and trueths from the people. In generaln he stated that the US people where not smart enough to handle the truth so give them everything BUT. That is why all you see on the news is sports and other BS that don’t amount to beans. This Operation created the use of doubles as is with the Cuban leader Castro. He died years ago but the “Powers that Be” created a double so that those in power could stay in power.
As for Wantagate, because of the money involved and the many top officials in the take, Hillary OR Obama must become the President in order to keep the cover they have made for themselves. Story hasn’t pointed out the connection with Obama yet but I would say He will in the Future. One thing about the Government, if you dig deep enough you’ll hit Dirt and that is the people within our government is. It’s an on going story of corruption, lys, cover ups, etc.
Freedom isn’t FREE

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It’s impossible for one person to possess anything approaching $27.5 trillion. Bill Gates is only worth roughly $60 billion and 99.9999% of that is just electrons in various banks.

2000 tons is 64 million ounces, which—at $920 USD per ounce—is roughly $60 billion, nowhere near even 1/100th of $1 trillion.

Sorry, but this is one conspiracy theory even I can’t get behind!

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Go to to get the whole story. The $27.5 trillion was NOT in gold as that web site will tell you. But it was solid Gold that helped back the Russian economy which was the $27.5 Trillion Rubles ( Russian money, I think that is what they call it) which was nearly every Ruble that was in Russia at that time. It ended the COLD WAR that was between US and Russia. No money, no war! The US went thru the same thing back in the late 20’s, thanks to the stupid government and the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. Conspiracy is the word BUT it is NOT a theory but a fact if you can read and learn what you read. Here is a fact. IF you dig deep enough you will find one great big HOLE and when it comes to this Wantagate, there is one BIG Hole.
Bet you don’t remember when Ronald Reagan was made President. That was before the Diebold voteing machines came along. He got more votes from the majority of the people then anyone in History. He had great plans and told of what He was going to do. Wanta was part of that plan. Shortly after that, Reagan came down with a DRUG induced Alzhimers desease. The rest of his term was pretty quite even tho He was elected for a 2nd term because the people loved him BUT He was NOT the one in control of this country. Before anyone says I am wrong, get your facts together. What you see isn’t what you get, just like the Federal Reserve NOTES that you get and you call money when in FACT it is an IOU!!! Yet, you blindly pay an income tax on something you do not get. Have fun

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27.5 trillion Roubles is a whole lot less than $27.5 trillion USD, but still at today’s exchange rate (24.7 Roubles to 1 USD) it’s approximately $1.1 trillion USD. That’s a heck of a lot of money. Enough to stop a war, sure, but—I still maintain—more than it is possible for any one person to wield.

Charlie, I’m dead set against the Federal Reserve. I am convinced Diebold helped steal the last 2 U.S. presidential elections. I suspect there’s a lot more to 9/11 than we know. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if all 3 Kennedys (Jack, Bobby, and Junior) were assassinated by the CIA. But this one—sorry, man—it’s too out there for me to stomach.

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I do know as a fact that the Diebold machines can be programed to not count certain ballets. I baught the book ,“VOTE SCAM” and later got a letter from the authers of it, telling me exactly what to do that would shut those machines down. I did what they said and it did shut it down!!! Do you really beleive ths is a FREE country? I have spent many years studying the law, the Constitution, etc. and before we can even think about being free, people need to stand up and claim it or sink. For example. I smoke, I drink, I have guns. IT is my right and does it hurt anyone. NO!! Yet, look at the BS that is being fed to US. Smokeing kills people, Hell, I’ve smoked since I was a kid and I’m not dead. I’ve drank since I was 9 and I’m still not dead. Mu guns never killed anyone but the ones I used for the SAKE of OUR government DID!! It’s all a bunch of BS to take your rights and Freedom away. That is the bottem line BECAUSE, even yet, WE are still the only actually FREE people on this earth and people need to stand up and fight anyone/anything for it even if it is OUR own government people. Go to for more of the government corruption. The problem is that OUR Government is OK, it’s the people in it that is takeing it all. Research and learn! It’s what I have done for the last 66 years.

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If you follow the 2004 election you will realize the votes went to Tenn and then back to Ohio. The IT pro allegedly responsible for this is now dead. Anyone surprised. Your govt. routinely murders people who have knowledge of misdeeds. This is not a Rep/Dem issue rather an above the law and never prosecuted issue. Study Mena, Cocaine, Iran Contra.Vp Bush authorized the importation of cocaine, Clinton laundered the money and two teen agers and several witnesses committed suicide or died mysteriously. Tired of your corrupt govt. yet. Yeah me too.

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