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Do you have certain physical positions/ actions that simply feel really good...but you don't know why...(in a non-sexual way)?

Asked by nebule (16436points) August 3rd, 2009

– undoing the lid of a pickle jar and that ‘pop’
– standing on the bottom step of my stairs and my son puts his head in-between my ankles to stop me coming down any further
– holding my son in my arms like a baby even though he is too big this just feels comfortable
– chopping courgettes
– standing between two parallel walls (about 5 five apart) and pushing against both of them at the same time

I’m sure I’ll think of more…

Care to share yours?

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Popping a pimple?

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Cracking open a new bottle of gin, fresh from the freezer. Aaaaah!

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Playing team sports, singing in a choir when the eight-part harmonies are just right… ah, the good ol’ days

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riding my bike… really hard and fast

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The moment after I push past the first wall of tired when swimming laps.

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I frequently find myself sitting at my desk with my arm raised, bent at the elbow, and the forearm resting on top of my head. I have no idea why. It’s a completely self-conscious repositioning on my part.

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Talking to my computer mouse realizing it’s not a microphone and no, we don’t live in the year 2200. Come on, beam me up Scotty. Please!

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I’m with you there, @Marina: for me the wall is in jogging. It feels so great to go through it.

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climbing the rope in the gym in grade seven

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Throwing a minnow trap into a lake. Singing when the harmonies click together perfectly (heck yes, @Facade). Dancing for hours when I’m really in the mood to dance.

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I fall asleep in the exact same position every night, and have for the past 2+ years. On my stomach, my head facing the closest wall, knee closest to the wall bent up so my calf is out of the covers and pressing against it, holding my stuffed fox in the “wall-arm” and my other arm just parallel to my body. It feels so good.

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Peeling dried glue off my fingers.

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Sitting in a tent when its raining really hard…duno why but its neat…also being outside when its autumn and you can see your breath

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Sitting the wrong way on the couch…with my feet where my head should be and my head hanging down off the edge of the seat. This relaxes me.

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Having my weight supported by my elbows to my spine stretches a little.

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Cracking my back. Shifting my body to move with the swing of a walking horse underneath me. Also, after driving for a long time in a car with automatic transmission, curling my back down and moving my left leg up to rest on the edge of the dashboard.

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