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What is the different between flirting and teasing?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1914points) August 3rd, 2009

I think it has the same meaning, when you like and interested in someone, but it’s like a small game between men and women. What do you think?

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I thik they mean the same thing too.

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I think “flirting” implies a romantic interest. You can tease your sister, but you would not flirt with her.

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Not exactly, though. They CAN be the same thing, but there can also be mean teasing that’s not flirty at all. Think of a brother and a sister teasing each other.

Ahh, @Quagmire got there right before me. :)

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I agree with @Quagmire.
Teasing is a form of flirting. It’s one thing you can do to flirt with someone.

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I think “flirting” is when you show interest in someone and you’re being all cute with them and such. “Teasing” someone (as in teasing a guy, not your sister) or “being a tease” is when you imply that you want to do something but you don’t let it proceed that far or you hold back, sending mixed signals.

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I guess I think it’s mostly the other way around from @fireinthepriory. I think that all flirting is teasing, but not all teasing is flirting. Flirting is a special form of teasing. It is lighter, and more socially acceptable. It is suggestive, not overt teasing. Or it’s teasing nature comes from it’s suggestiveness that you have a hard time knowing if it’s meant for real, or meant only for fun.

A flirt always leaves the question: will what has been hinted at happen or not. As such, it is teasing. It is not a promise. It is a perhaps promise. It offers something, very attractively presented, to the other person, but it doesn’t say whether the offer will ever be consummated.

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I consider teasing to be at bottom aggressive. It is on a continuum with attacking, but at the relatively benign end of the scale. It is sometimes done lovingly or in a friendly way, just like rough-and-tumble play, but it can also be mean-spirited and hurtful. I think those elements are in it even when it is harmlessly meant, just as there is always some pain in humor.

In contrast, flirting has an entirely different purpose. It is meant to attract, and so it is definitely part of mating behavior, even when done in fun and without serious intent.

So flirting can be done to tease, and teasing can be done to flirt, but they belong to two different classes of behavior that overlap in only a fairly small area.

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Flirting is a fun little promise, teasing is taking it away.

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if I’m not getting laid at the end of the road it’s teasing…

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Bad flirting is teasing.

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It depends if you are giving or receiving.

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Following through… (The flirter will follow through, but the teaser will not)

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A teaser has no intention of fulfilling what they imply.
Flirters keep it open.

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Flirting: You really want to get with that person.
Teasing: You are just playing around..No love intention needed.

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Flirting elicits a mental reaction, whereas teasing is purely physical. And I agree with Jeruba. Teasing has an aggressive aspect to it. Sometimes it can turn ugly quickly.

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@PandoraBoxx, I don’t understand “teasing is purely physical.” Can you elaborate? Most of the teasing in my life has been verbal, and reactions have been emotional, sometimes very strongly so.

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I think teasing carries an aggressive body language with it, that makes teasing uncomfortable for the one being teased. It can be rather subtle, in the form of leaning into and invading physical space—standing too close, changing the pitch or volume of voice, touching or poking, bumping up against someone, poking, tickling, etc. Teasing can, at any moment, go from slightly poking fun at someone to aggression. Teasing is a form of exerting control over another person.

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Your intention.

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Flirting is showing specific.
Teasing if showing off flirting skills to anyone.

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All flirting involves some element of teasing (esp for if you are a guy and trying to flirt)

But all teasing doesn’t necessarily involve flirting ( the sister example is a good one).

Flirting is a subclass of teasing.Its a form of teasing specifically geared to arouse interest in women.

And oh yea, teasing works better for me than flirting. Mix the tease with a little bit of Cocky & funny and you’re set. A guy who teases can be contrasted with a guy who complements the girl way too much. The latter fucks up his chances of getting laid through his wussy insecure behavior. I’ve seen this happen so much, I kinda feel bad for those guys.

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Alright, I’ve read all of the above answers, and I can honestly say I’m more confused than ever, lol! Still trying to figure out if someone in my past was flirting with me or just teasing me…

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