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In the last show, Clarkson said the following. Do you agree with what he said? To me it sounded quite compelling.

Asked by ragingloli (47289points) August 3rd, 2009

“If you buy a rubbish car, what you are saying is “I have no interest in cars”. If you have no interest in cars, you have no interest in driving, and if you have no interest in something, it means you are no good at it, which means you must have your driving license taken away.”

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Flawed logic

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This assumes that everyone is as rich as Jeremy Clarkson.

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That’s just plain silly. As @YARNLADY stated, it is flawed logic…based on the faulty premise.

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If you have no interest in cars, you may still have an interest in getting places, so you will be a competent driver at least.

Of course, if you buy a rubbish car, it probably just means you have no money.

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but rubbish cars are not always cheap. some more expensive cars are rubbis, like american ones.

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@YARNLADY – perfect answer. Flawed on many levels.

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“rubbish” is subjective

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What a supreme egotist. If you assume the whole world should be interested in the things you are interested in, you are a fool. If you assume that those not interested in what you are interested in are not competent, you are a moronic cretin.

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Is Clarkson anyone I should know about?

Frankly, my dear. I don’t give a damn!

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Just another person trying to sound wise by spouting illogical gibberish.

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Jeremy Clarkson statement = utterly tongue in cheek.

He’s British. Hint enough?

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@richardhenry Ah, thanks for the enlightenment. It does explain much.

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What is the definition of a rubbish car?

Do you think he means my $9,000 97 FORD Escort that gets 24 mpg/city with regular maint, is rubbish? He seems to prefer the latest $80,000 2010 Jaguar @ 16 mpg/city that requires an on-call mechanic. is the indicator of a good driver.

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Look everyones situation is different. For example I have a down payment on a 10 year old Ford Focus. Yes, it’s boring, but it does what I require. Although what I think what was more intresting was the review of the Baby Aston Martin at the end of the series. Anyone?

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I completely, totally agree.

Too many motorists, not enough drivers.

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When Clarkson says ’rubbish car’ he means one that isnt driver oriented. (Poor seating position, poor thrust to weight ratio, poor responses, numb controls, etc.)

Clarksons lamenting the masses that operate a car but pilot it like theyd rather be doing anything else. (making calls, texting, eating or drinking, reading newspapers?)

He imagines a paradise where all motorists understand that driving is its own activity.

Imagine the roads filled with quality, driver oriented cars that are engaging and gratifying to experience and inspire the operators confidence.

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great answer, honey.

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There are a lot of things that I do that I am not thrilled about but do anyway. If Clarkson’s contention is that I shouldn’t drive because I don’t care enough to have a good (top of the line) car, I would like submit:

I have economic, nonprofessional grade, limited function, older modle, standard finish appliances. Does that indicate I shouldn’t be cooking, doing laundry, vacuuming. etc until I develop a deep appreciation and interest in my tools? I think I will give up scrubbing the bathtub because I just can’t get excited about the ergonomics of my scrubby sponge.

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