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How big of a deal is it to drive with an expire license?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) July 6th, 2008

Okay, so I know it’s illegal, but my license expired on my birthday and I never drive so I didn’t care, but now I am going on a trip and will likely need to drive. So, if I get pulled over, what happens? I’ll be in Vermont.

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It is illegal but, from experience, most officers will just give you a warning if it’s pretty close to the exp date. It’s all how you handle the situation and what you did to get pulled over.

Though if you get a ticket for whatever it is you get pulled over for, you will also get a ticket for an expired license. Same goes for insurance. If your insurance slip is out of date you will get a ticket for that too but if you still have an active policy you can show proof of insurance in court.

Go ahead and renew your license though. If you need to write checks or use your credit card, some stores won’t accept payment without a valid, current ID.

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Why not renew it before you go?

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you won’t go to jail, unless your insurance and license plate are also expired. That’s what it took for my ex. I haven’t seen her since.

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you might be able to renew it online if you don’t want to wait in line…we can here in Tennessee as long as it hasn’t been expired for more than 5 years. only thing is that it takes a little bit longer to get it…up to 20 days according to the state’s website!

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no time to renew before i go! I already sent in the renewal by mail. I wasn’t eligible for online because I moved : (

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It is the same as driving without one. You may get more than a ticket. The officer can make you show up in court to prove you have recievd a valid license.

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It is a very bad idea. The penalty will be more than $100. Will you be driving a friend’s car, because you won’t be able to rent a car with an expired license either.

Also, you have some other photo ID to fly with I hope. Passpost? Otherwise that might be a problem at the airport.

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It’s a terrible idea especially if you’re going out of state! It is virtually the same as driving without a license. In addition to any ticket you get, you will may have to go to court and you might get the car you’re driving impounded. It also might prevent or delay you being able to get a license in the future. (only if you get pulled over of course)

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Contact the DMV and ask them to fax proof that your license is current (if indeed, you did send in your payment).

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UPDATE! I got a renewal slip so I am good to go!~

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Excellent. Don’t wait until the last minute next time! :)

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Where I live if it expires you gotta go to schools prior to renewal.

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Yeah, going out of State is a bad idea. Renew first. Police love to ticket out-of-staters, in the midwest anyway.
Most of my employees have no drivers license, but drive. If you don’t have any property that your not worried about loosing in a lawsuit, it’s no problem. just don’t have an accident. I’m assuming you also have no insurance.

Here’s an idea—- stay off the road.

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