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Not going but, I’d say speed bumps for existing laptops and possibly a new tablet/desktop computer to augment the macbook line. I don’t think any big announcement with the iPhone. Maybe an updated Apple TV and video rentals through iTS. I think its gonna be hard for them to outdo last year. Who knows though, Apple is so hard to read… I prefer to just wait for the announcement rather than speculate. All the rumours are usually way off anyway.

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Update regarding release of the iPhone SDK, announcements related to games for both Macs and iPhones, new super-slim notebook, updates to iLife and iWork, dog-and-pony show of Micro$oft and the new Office for Mac, online movie rentals. Probably nothing revolutionary, but a solid offering nonetheless.

One prediction I’ll make here that I’ve not seen anywhere else: Jobs will show a spoof “tribute” to Bill Gates as The Bill prepares to leave Micro$oft as CEO.

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Just stumbled on this article that I think is pretty good…


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Good link, Maverick. After reading it, I amend my previous statement to say that it’s more likely that the MacBook Pros will get a major revamp than it is we’ll see a super-slim MacBook mini. However, how cool would it be to have a 2.5 lb notebook half the thickness of the MacBook, with a comparable screen (but with backlit LED) that gets 8+ hours of battery life? Ah, it’s that time of year again when Apple fanbois everywhere fantasise like schoolgirls…

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