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How would you like your vote counted?

Asked by breedmitch (12171points) January 12th, 2008

I mean tabulated. By what counting method? Computer? Punch card? Hand written?
I’d rather this not turn into a debate of voter fraud or conspiracy theories about hacked voting machines, but by what method would you gain peace of mind that your vote was actually counted?

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I like the vote by mail system we have in Oregon. About a week before the election we get a scantron in the mail (remember High School?) that we fill out and mail back. And you can drop them off on the day of the election if you forget to stick them in the mail.

I am confident in this method. We have a paper trail. My main concern is the homeless vote. They obviously can’t receive mail. But if they really want to vote they can go to one of the many election centers and get a ballot. I had to do this one time and it took about 20 minutes.

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Hand written, hand delivered. Maybe some sort of scancard system.

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anything with a paper trail.

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Right, right right. A touchscreen voting machine that prints out a sheet detailing what I voted for is fine, as long as what gets counted is the piece of paper, not the data in the voting machine.

(Also, why touchscreens? Touchscreens suck. Just put actual buttons next to the candidates names.)

I wouldn’t mind simply having a list of candidates and putting an X next to the one that I want. It is not that hard to create a voting system.

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Maybe when you register you can receive a barcoded voter ID card. You swipe, vote and receive a receipt almost like an ATM machine.

For what’s presently offer, computers can be hacked & people can be bought. I honestly don’t 100% trust either. With todays technology we should have reliable & accurate electronic voting.

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…as many times as possible?

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@vanguardian, I agree that we ought to be able to create a secure electronic voting system with all of our resources. The problem with a system like the one you propose is making it anonymous. It’s trivial to make a system like that track who voted for which candidates. How do you give people confidence that isn’t happening? One way would be to open up the source code of the system for scrutiny by the programming / security community.

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I was looking at my CA ballot info and it appears to be a touchscreen voting machine that prints out a sheet detailing what’s voted for. The sheet is veiwable for the voter to compare with their vote and remains in the machine for a record if a recount were to be required. I’m ok with this. I’m planning to do a mail in ballot though, this also is acceptable for counting to me also.

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If I could just punch the President in the face, I’d be more than happy not to vote at all.

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As a general matter, and coming from Cook County, Illinois, where voting fraud is an art form, I’d rather have people out of the equation as much as possible. I would think the way to verify computers haven’t been hacked would be to have a test run with sample ballots which have been reviewed by the local election officials, with representatives of the parties and/or candidates present, so accuracy can be checked, then have those machines secured until the election, with chain of custody verification.

I’m not familiar with the machines themselves. I would hope that they are “stand-alone,” meaning they do not communicate with anything else electronically.

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The matter of electronic voting security has been solved in theory, but you know what they say, “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.”

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I would like my vote counted by hot sexy dancers…who exchange votes for a lovely, strong, glass of Irish whiskey

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I want fifteen minutes on national tv to make my vote known.

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Vote Tammaney

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