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How do you reply to individual comments and write @adagio ?

Asked by Adagio (14059points) August 6th, 2009

I’m new at this game and need to know how to reply to people’s individual comments by writing for example @adagio, as I see happens on here.

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If you want to specifically write to me here, hit @g and my name will come up below answer box. Click on it.

@Adagio: It is now possible (a new feature) for me to respond to you (the querent.)

If you want to be really private, use the PM. Click on my avatar or username in red and you will be able to write me secret billet-doux, as I am about to do for you. Keep your eyes peeled to the right.

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You just type it.

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@Adagio: Did you get your PM?

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Welcome to Fluther, @Adagio. You might find some helpful comments on this recent thread.

“PM” = private message, by the way.

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@gailcalled : I just received your private message, had to work out what PM actually meant first of all. Thank you.

@jeruba : I’ll check out that thread, thanks.

I am using voice-activated software and things are not quite as easy as they might be otherwise. When I typed your names I could see something come out on the right-hand side of the comment window, I guess I should click on that?

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If you don’t see a box with the names of responders in it after you type the ’@’ sign, you can just type the username… but, it’s case sensitive. That’s why your ’@jeruba’ didn’t work. Her user name needs to start with an uppercase J: @Jeruba. Good luck with it!

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(And if you are nearsighted, it’s augustlan.)

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@augustlan : well I’ve tried that but it did not seem to work with me, oh well, I must not let it stop me from responding

@gailcalled : I’m wearing my glasses actually, but it does look like augustian

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Oh, it did work after all!

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@augustlan yes exactly!!

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