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'Keeping Up With The Kardashians" Why are these people on TV?

Asked by RareDenver (13155points) August 7th, 2009

My wife watches this reality show, if you don’t know it, here’s the basics:

1 -The guy “Mr Kardashian” who defended OJ had some kids and then he died
2 – His wife re-married (I think before he died)
3 – She married some guy that was in the Olympics once (they had some kids)
4 – We follow them around bitching at each other while they try to run what I think is a clothes store

Can anyone tell me what the point in this show is and why these people are even on TV? I mean yes okay The Osbornes I understand, he was “The Prince Of Darkness” Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, a genuine famous celebrity god of metal culture and of interest to millions.

These guys though? I don’t get it? Why does anyone give a damn?

Oh and if you haven’t seen it, it is SO STAGED! You couldn’t have scripted it better, oh no you could, because you just did.

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I wish someone would give me my own show.

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Haha it’s on right now.
Sisters are watching it.
I think Ryan Seacrest was the one who gave them the show or something.

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I think it is on TV because of the daughter Kim, not because of anyone else. She is one of those “celebutantes”, like Paris Hilton. She is pretty enough to get on TV and pose for the cameras (specifically for those belonging to Playboy), she has money because her dad was an attorney, she’s been in a couple of forgettable movies (such as Disaster Movie), and, like Paris Hilton, a pornographic home video she had made with her then-boyfriend was “leaked.”

So, she looks good, she has big bucks, and she knows folks who do stuff in Hollywood. Thus, a reality show about her and her family.

Paris Hilton had one, too, remember? The Simple Life and then My New BFF?

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People watch it, otherwise that kind of show wouldn’t be on.

Some people say that it’s because they like to see celebrities as real people. Some say it’s because we want to see celebrities fail.

I think it’s because the networks know that having celebrities like that are good for ratings and it’s a cheap show to make.

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@theichibun but shouldn’t you be a celebrity first? before you become a celebrity for being a celebrity…. oh my head hurts

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It’s because people (like me) like seeing her big ass.
It’s like a porn alternative when the internet is down.

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Because people like me want them to be (really and seriously).

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Some viewers like to watch “perfect” people screw up even worse than folks in the viewers own family do. Somehow it makes you feel better about your own DUI when you see someone rich and famous getting one, too. Or just getting into an argument like the ones you have with your in laws.

And she was a sort of celebrity – her photos were in Playboy. That certainly gave her exposure of a sort.

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@Darwin don’t even get me started on that Paris Hilton

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I don’t give a damn about eth Karashians. She really needs to get a life.

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@RareDenver – Kim Kardashian is Paris Hilton, just an “ethnic” version of her.

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You don’t always have to earn being a celebrity, you just have to be well known.

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Once 7.5 million guys (the world-wide circulation of Playboy) have seen you naked, I suspect you could be considered “well-known.”

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@Darwin I don’t think so, when was the last time you walked past a Kardashian Hotel?

The Hilton name has been internationally well known long before that little freak turned up.

And what do you mean by ‘ethnic’ ?

That’s another thing that grinds my gears, this term ‘ethnic’ it’s like a catch all for anything that isn’t pure Caucasian. I’m guessing there is a lot more non-Caucasians in the world than are? So lets call Caucasians ‘ethnic’ in a world view shall we?

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@RareDenver – “Ethnic” is the term applied to Kardashian all over the Internet. People aren’t familiar with her Armenian last name so they consider it unusual and to them unusual means “ethnic” (ie “not the same as me”). She tends to play it up a lot in front of the credulous members of the entertainment media, hence my use of quotes around the term.

In addition, she has dark brown hair (and looks very good in it) which is considered unusual in a Hollywood “party girl.” The very best ones are typically blond and the various edutainment news people all get into a tizzy when some movie person dyes their hair brown.

And quite frankly, as an Armenian, Kardashian is a Caucasian.

While there are no Kardashian hotels, there are very few folks in the US who didn’t see at least part of the whole OJ television experience, and so the name Kardashian is familiar (as are the names Brown, Goldman, Fuhrman, Johnnie Cochran, Alan Dershowitz, F. Lee Bailey and the clueless Kato Kaelin).

And what really gave Paris Hilton her big “break” into show biz was when her sex video got released onto the Internet. No one really thought of her in relation to hotels and the old fuddy-duddy Conrad.

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@Darwin Now they are doing a show with Kourtney and Khloe (I hate that their names start with K) in Miami.

I actually don’t hate the show. Edited to add that I mean I don’t hate The Kardashians show, I have not seen the Miami one.

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@Supacase – I actually have never seen any of these shows. I tend to watch Discovery, Animal Planet, and The Learning Channel.

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I love the travel channel, especially the show Man vs Food.

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@teh_kvlt_liberal – The problem with Man vs Food is that it always makes me hungry. The advantage of Bizarre Foods (aka Eating Bugs and Testicles with Andrew Zimmern) is that it doesn’t.

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Because its always nice seeing people that make you feel good about yourself.

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@Darwin I think Zimmern is okay, but he can be so tacky at times. IMO Boudain is a better host than Zimmern

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I suppose that shows like that are on because there must be someone, somewhere that actually watches it. In fact, there must be enough people to keep the advertisers happy. I have no idea what it’s about, as I’ve never had the urge to turn it on.

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@teh_kvlt_liberal – I am not fond of Bourdain because he can be so snobbish at times and disparaging at others. Personally, I think he is a depressed alcoholic who thinks little of himself, so he makes others feel small.

The main thing I wonder about all of these guys, especially Adam Richman, is why don’t they weigh 500 pounds?

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@YARNLADY – Those shows are avidly watched by high school girls. I know because I have a teenage daughter.

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@Darwin Ha, ha. These days I can answer questions about is Cookie Monster still on Sesame Street yes

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Large breasts.

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people get tv shows because they are whores! whats the world coming to?

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And whores get TV shows because people like to watch them. Folks have always enjoyed watching things they claim they would never do.

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@Darwin I don’t know about the other two, but I read that Adam Richman works out twice a day and keeps himself hydrated.
That’s what I thought about Bourdain at first, then some how I just started watching more of him and thought “Eh, he’s not so bad”

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I’ll tell you who I can’t stand, though. SAMANTHA. BROWN.

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@teh_kvlt_liberal – I can’t say I can’t stand her as I never watch her show(s). That is mostly because she seems to do travelogues focused on people who like to drink, party, and wear small bathing suits. I don’t do any of those things.

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@Darwin I think you would look good in a small bathing suit ;-)

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@RareDenver – My husband thinks so, but I am not a fan. I am, shall we say, Rubenesque?

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@Darwin oh I thought you were a man and was talking about speedos, lol

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@RareDenver – I do wear Speedos, but they are of the female sort that cover everything with a skin-tight sheet of colorful spandex. Fortunately, I am mostly underwater when wearing them.

And yes, both I and my avatar are female (my avatar is named Gracie).

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@Darwin She posed for Playboy after the show had started, so she got a TV show to get into playboy to get exposure?

To be what exactly?

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have you seen kim kardashian’s butt?
though i guess that doesn’t explain the plethora of straight females who watch it…

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“Some guy who won the Olympics” really? maybe you should google him…Despite the rest of his family, this guy is a good guy and was named the greatest athlete of all time.

To answer your question, people watch it because they feel the need to live their life through others, maybe due to the lack of a life of their own. Another reason being that TV programming has gone to hell in a hand baskit over the past 5 years and there is nothing else decent to watch on the boob tube these days? It is 95% crapola on TV to watch these days. Grab a book someone, please!

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