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British TV Kids Show from the Eighties?

Asked by Kingkamandi (149points) January 13th, 2008

It was about kids who travel through time. It is not the Tomorrow People, not Timeslip and not Dr. Who. I remember seeing it here in the states on a Saturday morning. Does anyone have any idea the name of the show I am thinking of?

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try tagging questions with things like:
british, children, tv, television, tv show, time travel
and the question will be directed to the right people.

I doubt anyone has “british kids tv show time travel” in their “feilds of expertise.” Although, you never know.

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Thanks! How do I edit tags?

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Was there a goat/unicorn animal and someone who always had a club in his hand?

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I believe you’re looking for “Dungeons and Dragons” If it is, or you’re not sure. Here’s a youtube clip:
Click here

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I don’t remember a goat or a club and it certainly wasn’t D&D.

It was very “science-y” and I also remember that there was at least one boy and one girl and that they helped people (of course) on each adventure.

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Google Sci-Fi Television Database and timelinks-the big list of time travel;

I found some that I vaguely remember seeing back in the glory days of cable in the 80s:

Red Dwarf
Into the Labyrinth

And some obscure ones too:
The Secret World of Polly Flint
Erasmus Microma

My favorite from the US has to be
Voyagers! And film-wise, Time Bandits and from the 90’s. twelve Monkeys…awesome :)

Good luck-sounds like you were describing Red Dwarf or Into the Labyrinth though…

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Ok, it’s either Bobobobs or “once upon a time…space”.

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The most likely answer seems to be Erasumus Microman.

Definitly not Red Dwarf, Once Upon a Time…Space, Bobobobs, Secret World of Polly Flint or into the Labyrinth.

You all sure know your obscure TV!

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