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How often do you watch a DVD with commentary?

Asked by Ansible1 (4831points) August 10th, 2009

Which movies have you watched with commentary? was it because you wanted to know what the director was thinking or what? I certainly don’t think it’s a waste of time, but i’ll only watch with commentary if I really really like the movie.

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Nah I don’t like commentaries
It interferes with the movie

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i watch the commentary, maybe, once.

usually if it’s an actor or director i think is particularly funny, or i heard it’s a particularly funny commentary.

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I was talking about this the other night. I have never watched any special features, interviews, commentary, anything on a DVD.

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rarely. unless i’m like absolutely in love with the actors/directors/etc and the movie.
i’ve watched the special features a few times. half of them for pushing daisies (the dvd set), the nightmare before christmas (which was really interesting), and i’m planning on watching them for the motorcycle diaries.

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I have never watched a DVD with commentary, although it sounds like a good idea right now. Only for a great movie though. And only about half the time I check out the special features.

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I watched the Last Samurai with the commentary on a few days ago, mainly because there’s essentially no reason to listen to the dialogue in that movie.

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Rarely, and only after I’ve seen the DVD once. But it’s cool to have as background noise.

One DVD with a SUPERB commentary track is the Pixar Short Films collection. In fact, those guys talk about the entire history of Pixar pretty much, lots of cool trivia factoids. For any Pixar geek, nothing beats this DVD.

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@dynamicduo i second that. the Pixar Shorts DVD itself is great, and the commentary is on par with the films themselves.

that dvd is a great companion to the book To Infinity and Beyond, the story of the history of Pixar

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I only do it if I’m obsessed with the movie/show. So far that means I’ve only watched them for lord of the rings and lost.

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I only did it once and it was the Jackass II commentary.

Hilarious, and those guys fucking hate Bam Margera.

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@hug_of_war you’ve watched the commentaries for all three LOTR’s? that must have taken forever. No doubt they’re good movies but sooo long.
@Blondesjon seen the movies but never watched with commentary. Why do they hate bam?

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@Ansible1 . . .Evidently Bam is a crying, drunk, little bitch. . .allegedly.

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i watched the commentary track with Aliens directors cut, it’s pretty interesting because they talk about the choices and why they left scenes out, how they created effects etc.

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Almost never. I think it takes away from the appeal of the movie when there is a running dialogue (other than the script) accompanying everything else. As far as other special features included on DVD discs, I will look those over on occasion and choose some of them to watch. (Featurettes, star profiles, music videos, etc.)

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I watched The Incredibles with commentary, just becuase Brad Bird is so passionate about his work. And then he does Edna Mode. That’s the only DVD whose special features I have watched repeatedly, because they’re so much fun.

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I watched the commentary on the CSI series, just to see where they come up with ideas etc. It was pretty interesting on the first couple of seasons, but then I got bored with it on the third season and didn’t watch any others.

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@aprilsimnel again, Pixar for the win!

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It’s not unusual for me to watch a movie, then watch it again immediately after, with the commentary. I usually only do this with a DVD I just bought, or just opened.
The Fight Club commentary was great, but a bit jarring, since they edit between two commentarys independantly recorded. The most recent one I watched was for Orson Welles “Touch of Evil”

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1 out of a 50. One example was Maria Full of Grace. The commentary is almost as interesting as the story itself. You learn a lot about Colombia.

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I hate drug movies, as a rule, but Maria Full of Grace was just such a wonderful movie!

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It was indeed. The commentary also explains about recruiting the actors visiting Colombian high schools. Amazing talents…

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I can only ever think of one time that I did that and it wasn’t for a film but a cooncert (Meat Loaf and the Australian Symphony Orchestra if you are interested). That was years ago though.

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If a DVD has commentary, I listen to it. And if it doesn’t, I’m disappointed.

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