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Do you listen to the regular AM/FM radio still?

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) August 12th, 2009

Or have you upgraded to HD radio? or do you have satellite radio? or do you listen to your own music from your mp3 player or computer? Do you think there are too many commercials on the regular radio now? Do you think regular AM/FM radio will ever die?

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I listen to the radio almost never.

I listen to mp3 audio books.

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Usually listen to my iPod, either podcasts or my own mp3s.

If I forget my iPod and/or I’m just sick of my own music, I’ll turn on the FM radio.

I’ll never spend money on something like XM or HD radio. I can’t see how that’s anything but a collosal waste of money.

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I listen to SiriusXM in the car and at home, Pandora at work. The only thing I use standard radio for is NPR.

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I used to listen to the radio, at least the one alternative talk radio station that was in LA. Then they sold the station and it got it’s format changed into yet another Top 40 R&B/Pop station. Like we don’t have enough of those in Southern California. Hell, even one of the biggest country stations in SoCal also got sold off and turned into a Top 40 station as well. Clearchannel et al practically own everything.

If I could justify paying for sattelite radio I would, but I simply don’t drive enough.

So mostly I just listen to podcasts, bollywood, and musicals through my iphone and pandora.

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Yes. It’s my only choice driving around in my 96 mini van.

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Every day. Too lazy to hook up the iPod/FM transmitter. Too cheap to pay for satellite. Too cheap even to upgrade my existing factory-installed basic AM/FM/CD to an inexpensive aftermarket HD radio head unit.

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If i listen to the radio, it’s usually just NPR. i might swing around the dial once in a while, but the music most stations play today isn’t my preferred style. I typically have an iPod adapter with me.

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Whenever I shower or drive.

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I listen to my MP3! I would listen to the radio, but I can’t abide the commercials. I want satellite radio!

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I got a free satellite subscription with my previous car, and was very disappointed in the sound quality. I haven’t heard HD radio yet.

I listen to WXPN ( and WBJB (; and I also have iPod integrated into my steering wheel controls (but the cable that used to charge my OG iPhone, won’t charge my 3GS!).

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NPR, every day.

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One local FM station gives away a pair of concert tickets to a certain caller number several times during the day. By being a “member”, I know when the contest will be within a 15 minute increment. I’ll tune in then but switch to CDs or my computer right away. I’ve won about ten pairs of concert tickets and quite a number of CDs. That station is not laden with commercials but the music they play lacks variety.

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@jonsblond Well my 97 Escort has the cassette deck but good cassettes are hard to find. lol

Music is usually just background sound so I have a the car radio on drive time music for the 15 minute commute. My cable company offers HD radio through the TV so I have NPR for when I.m working around the house and light classical for when I am reading or grading papers.

The idea of buying more disposable electronic gadgets or paying for music is totally foreign to me.

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I listen to my local FM public radio station when I’m in the car 80–90% of the time even though I have a CD player and plenty of CDs that I enjoy. I’m still a luddite when it comes to ipod/MP3 players (hangs head sheepishly).

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I listen to FM radio some here at home in the kitchen. It’s either the radio or CDs in the car. I had 3 free months of XM radio in my car when I first bought it, but I didn’t keep the subscription going.

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@galileogirl I’ve got the cassette deck too with a nice collection of tapes, but they are so old the sound is terrible!

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Yes, in the car. Once in a blue moon at home. I hope they don’t stop using the air waves like they have stopped transmitting TV for antenna.

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I usually only listen to radio in the car. Regular old radio.

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I listen to NPR every single day.

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I never listen to AM, but I listen to FM all the time. Even when I’m at home and listen to internet radio, it’s the same station I can get on FM (though in both cases it’s re-transmitted, so there’s a time difference). I also work at a radio station, but to be honest I never listen to it when it’s not my own show (they play pop hits etc, which I don’t like, whereas my programme is all the old stuff, blues and rock and jazz and stuff like that).

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FM in the car and in the shower. iPod when I’m jogging.

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I switch back and forth… I got Sirius about a month ago, but I still have my fave morning shows which I like to catch during my ride in to work.
On the way home though, always satellite
(Except Sunday mornings, AM radio, Sunday with Sinatra, hosted by Sid Mark!)

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I do when I’m driving. There aren’t any stations around here that play what I’m really into, but I listen to all of the rock stations aimed at 20-somethings (91.1, 94.9, 105.3).

I like music, I need that background noise, but I don’t care about it enough to go get HD Radio. And anyway, I think they’d have to make a mess of my beautiful 97 minivan to get an HD radio setup.

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I still listen to FM radio and online radio. FM/AM radio will never die i don’t think .What would happen to those who won’t or can’t do the upgrade or have a computer .

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I mostly listen to cd’s while in the car and home. If I listen to the radio, it’s FM and a station playing oldies.

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I listen to both AM & FM in the car. We had satellite radio a couple of years ago and just couldn’t get into it. Maybe it has improved since then, but it isn’t something I feel I must have.

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Sometimes I’ll forget to connect my iPod in the car and I won’t want to mess around with it while I’m driving. So yes, the FM will be on. Ridiculous mainstream music.

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I used to have Sirius and i loved it but the reception was terrible and getting worse by the day. when i got my new car, it had a package that included XM, but i had prepaid for Sirius previously. I got Sirius installed and again, terrible reception. I went months procrastinating, and then finally canceleld Sirius and got a refund. During that time, i got reaquainted with regular FM radio. Now I just listen to FM. car has a CD but i don’t listen to it -never even checked to make sure it works properly. It’s just FM for me now. at home, i either listen to nothing or the TV has music stations on it. FM is best for keeping up on news and stuff, and there’s a morning show, Steve Harvey, that i like. every morning he does an advice letter, and he discusses what the writer should do, in a hilarious way.

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AM (news and traffic) and FM (music) in the car.

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No I always listen to my cd’s. The great thing about that is It’s always exactly what I want to hear.

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I listen to one station: KDHX (you can listen online!)
It’s the most fantabulous thing I’ve ever discovered (no commercials!!) and without it my very own music collection would be a lot lamer. It’s a community radio.. people bring in all their grooves and I’ve discovered an amazing amount of songs that I love. The quality of my life would seriously be not as great without it.
Other than that, it’s the ipod. with all my KDHX songs :)

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Where I live most of the time there are NO radio stations reachable. This is big lonely country. Therefore books or music on the iPod is the usual choice. When I do get into a town and radio is available, it is sort of a treat to listen no matter what they are playing.

Having grown up on the east coast of the USA, it is hard to imagine being out of range of radio, but it’s true!

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i don’t listen to the radio at all really.
i haven’t liked anything on the radio really since elementary school when i listened to radio disney, and maybe in 6th grade when i like y100.
i don’t tend to like the things they play on the radio, and i hate when they play the same song 3 times in 2 hours.
and i don’t believe in paying for the radio (i.e. xm).
the closest thing to a radio i listen to are the custom ones on once in awhile.

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FM radio was my lifeline at work for many years. My decision to switch to satellite occurred the night I drove from Washington DC to Baltimore MD (approx 45 minute drive) and couldn’t find a single thing to listen to on the radio.

I’ve been an avid Sirius satellite listener ever since.

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@SABOTEUR – They don’t have it here in oz and I really wish they would. So many areas with no radio reception, satellite would do great.

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@rooeytoo: I don’t understand. You can’t buy it there or there’s no satellite reception there?

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@SABOTEUR – The service is not available here. I have GPS and a sat phone so there are satellites. I will check again, but everytime I look, it simply isn’t here! We just got Kindles, we are a little behind in some things, usually has something to do with copyright.

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@rooeytoo: Sounds kind of suspect. I would call Sirius and ask if their signal can be received where you are. Radios can be purchased online but you might have to search for a vendor that sells receivers that meet the voltage requirements for your area.

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Okey dokey, I will check, thanks!

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Let me know what you find out. Don’t want to be spreading false information.

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hehehe, I will, it is Saturday morning here, so will have to be Monday. But in, there is nothing for Sirius radio so I have my doubts.

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Gidday Lisa and news team, I’m a radio guy in Adelaide Australia and listen to you guys every day. You’re legends.


Source page

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@SABOTEUR – by golly it looks like you’re onto something, but I am not sure, I am still going round and round on that site. My car radio is not set up for it, so I might have to do an install. But if Richard Simmons and Martha Stewart can do it, I ought to be able to, hehhe!


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@rooeytoo: You can purchase a radio with a car kit; a minor installation you can do yourself. (It takes longer to call customer service to activate the radio than it does to install it).The car kit consists of a bracket to hold your radio, an antennae and a power cable to plug into your cigarette lighter or power plug. The bracket is designed so that the radio is easily removed whenever you exit the car (plug & play).

Sirius radios work independently of the radio already installed. You can choose to hear Sirius audio through your existing radio or you can use a cassette adapter if you have a cassette player already installed.

You can also search the internet for vendors (ie. Amazon, ebay, Walmart, Crutchfield, etc.) selling Sirius radios; you’re not limited to buying from Sirius.

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wow, thanks for the info, you should get a commission!!!

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lol…I’m compensated each time I turn on the radio and find something I want to hear.

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Sirius satellite coverage is only over the US. I thought @roeytoo lived in Australia.

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@RocketGuy – I do and you are correct the service is not available here. Too bad, I would subscribe in a minute, so much of this country has no radio at all! But, thank goodness for iPods!

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There’s always the option to subscribe online. If nothing else, you could take advantage of the 30 free trial.

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@SABOTEUR – I assume you are responding to me??? If so, the problem is that in those huge areas where there is no radio reception, there is no internet connectivity because no phone signal. So internet radio would not work either.

As I said, thank goodness for iPods or else we would be forced to talk to each other heheheh!

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I see.


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