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Women: Would this site interest you?

Asked by AreaOne (75points) January 14th, 2008

Let’s say that I were going to create a site that would allow you to swap purses, wallets, and handbags with other women all over the country. Think of it similar to eBay functionality, but specific to handbags, etc. only.

You would buy “credits” to use on the site, and each “swap” would cost you one(1) credit. You would find an item you like and claim it, pay your credit for it, and the original poster would ship you the item (you would pay for the shipping).

In order to claim items on the site, you would need to have uploaded items yourself, which would keep fresh items constantly on the site. These items would be your gently used handbags, purses, wallets, etc. that you would essentially “swap” for other items of the same type. Obviously, there is more to it than that, but that is the general idea and I am being somewhat vague for a reason of course.

My questions is this…...does this sound like a site that you would use? Why or why not? What are your thoughts about the general idea?

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Sounds like a not bad idea, but the one problem would be that perhaps some women wouldn’t return the bags. That’d be a problem. You should also include other things like shoes and maybe costume jewelery. That’d be pretty cool.

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They would not have to return the bags if they didn’t want to, just would just have to post an item before they could receive an item again. Does that make sense?

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Ah, like a bartering system? I get it now. But definitely think about the shoes/jewelery thing. I think it just might work. Sounds pretty cool.

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It is sort of similar to I understand that the swapping part is the differance, as opposed to paying a monthly fee. My concern about using it would be the condition of the bag—you could be anticipating getting a bag in good condition and instead receive a bag in poor condition. What would happen then? Would you be able to return it and get your credit back? If I was going to use this service, I’d want some sort of guarantee like that.

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It would be difficult to regulate and confirm the authenticity of the bags, if they are designer bags. If they are “inspired-by” or knock-off, some people might not care, but it needs to be disclosed somehow.

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my dad does something similar to this with cd’s i forget the name of the site, but its a really good service you just put your old cd’s on there that you dont want anymore and other people can get them from you and you can get cds from other users. I think something like this for purses and shoes would be rather successful.

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I would use it. I think that’s cool. The only problem I can think of is that most people would want to upload their dirtiest, oldest, least cool bags and still look for a really cool, new, expensive bag since all credits appear to be the same. So it might quickly denigrate into a bunch of yucky bags no one wants.

So I’m not sure how you would do this, but perhaps different bags would be worth different credits? Like a designer would be worth ten while a two year old bag from walmart would be worth one?

Also, how are you going to make sure people upload images/information about actual bags they have to send out, and not a janked picture from the internet or something? And how do you ensure people send their bags out and don’t cheat people?

Heh, maybe I’m getting too in depth, you’ve prolly thought of all this. If you work out all the kinks, it’s a good idea.

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Though I’m not a woman, I have a few thoughts to share…

I’ve heard of something similar to this, only with books. You put books online and offer them for swap and people offer to trade you for books they have. In that system, the 2 people agree and take care of the shipping and other details.

What might work here would be to let the community rate the items on a sweetness scale (1 not at all sweet, 10 totally sweet!). Then you would know the relative, communal value of the items.

In any case, it sounds like a cool idea! I bet my wife would be excited about it!

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There are certainly some obstacles that we are having to work through to make it work, but I think overall, the idea is pretty good. We are certainly looking into launching it and giving it a go.

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Just confirmed… my wife is excited about it. :-)

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