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DVI to HDMI cable: How long can they be without loss in quality?

Asked by meemorize (324points) August 13th, 2009

I am looking forward to purchasing my first HD projector which is to be connected **directly** to my MacPro computer.

Thus I assume the best way for a Mac to Projector connection is a DVI to HDMI cable.

I need the cable to be around 10 meters in length (32.8 feet) to be able to run it across the room, along the wall and into the projector.

Is this possible? Most HDMI cables I see around are 2 meters or up to 4 meters.. is there a reason for this?

Thanks for reading!

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Looks like 75 feet, without a booster 100 feet with one. Here is the source . I’d assume most are that length based on demand, total assumption though.

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Thanks limeaide. Excellent link.

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The reason you mostly see 2–4 meters max is that most people use them to tuck away behind a PC or TV.

You could put a second hand cheap mac mini on top of the projector with screen sharing.. You’ll need fast wireless though. I’ve never gone to in depth with proectors but in 2009, aren’t there any good wireless abilities? I expect there to be WLAN projectors.. are there?

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I think the main concern with WLAN projectors (they do exist) is the price point.
If you want full HD resolution + streaming via WLAN you can expect to pay A LOT extra.
Whether that’s justified or not: I don’t know. Am I going to pay that much extra? Nope :) even though it would be mighty convenient.

Thanks for the feedback.

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