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Can I use a stylus on a touch screen phone?

Asked by ItsxJess (36points) August 14th, 2009

I have the Samsung Behold which is a touch screen phone. It’s pretty easy to text with but usually since the “buttons” on the screen are so small I accidentally hit a different letter. This happens all the time and it’s really annoying. I was wondering if I could use a stylus with it? Or would that mess up the screen? Where can I buy a single stylus?

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If its a capacitive screen (like the iphone) then no, it requires electrical input, like that from your skin.

If its a resistive screen (like most mobile windows phones) then yes, all you need is pressure.

Try using any random object like a pen, if it doesn’t work you have yourself a capacitive screen.

There might be might styluses made specifically for capacitive screen but I’m not too sure about that.

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I have a Samsung Delve, also a touch screen phone, and it came with a stylus. So I think it’d be fine.

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I have a Samsung Omnia, which came with a stylus.
I use it, but not to my liking, the screen is full of scratches.
So, i would say: yes, you can use one, but be aware, don’t use it (so much).

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Inspector Jones is 99% correct. There are special stylus that you can buy that will work on a capacitive screen. Here is a link to one

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@cmoreno Is the plural for stylus still just stylus? I thought that looked weird when I typed it. Stupid Firefox spell check fails me again.

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You should probably check out either Samsung’s preferences on the phone or see an authorized dealer if you’re unsure of the screen you have. I have an HTC Touch Pro and it came with a stylus, but I have a resistive screen. There’s a stylus called the Pounce I believe that’s used for iPod Touch (my roommate has one) and I know the iPod Touch is a capacitive screen. And if you’re worried about damage to your screen while using a stylus, dealers have screen protectors like the one that came with my phone. :)

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