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Is it possible to get a "perfect ring" scratched xbox 360 disk working again?

Asked by fortris (680points) August 16th, 2009

An odd noise emanated from my xbox, tonight, and I figured it was due to the fact it was standing up (something I had never done before), so I decided to put it on it’s side. An epic sadness came over my face as I turned my 360 and realized I didn’t hit the power button first, a grinding noise was heard, and then in a frenzy I opened my cd drive and saw the damage. A perfect circle of a scratch on my before flawless CoD4 disk. Thinking it was cosmetic, I closed the drive again and again, yet it wouldn’t read the disk.

I looked online for solutions and tried the two most plausible, toothpaste (because of the grit) and windex (as it is a glass cleaner) and neither worked.

Any methods that get deep scratches out? Please, I love this damn game.

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A deep scratch in the disc? Sorry man, looks like you’re out of luck. You’ll probably have to buy a new disc. Do X-Box games have warranties? Maybe you could try checking that out. Alternatively, you could always go online to see whether anyone’s selling a second-hand CoD4 (ebay’s probably good place to start).

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If you take it to a video store, they always have a machine in the back that will clean and repair. Depends on how deep it is though, drag the back of your nail over the scratch and if you can feel the scratch, it is bad. But they have a sand paper disc to use on bad scratches, so you never know.

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@rooeytoo I can BARELY feel it when I run my nail over the scratch. And I already tried the toothpaste 3 times. I may have removed too much of the plastic coating already and killed some of the data. I will try the gamestore method, as I need to buy a new disk now anyway.

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That still happens to the xbox games ????
There was a show about this earlier this year on tv , the presenters gave the advice to email microsoft ( to annoy them to do something ) and take it to a video rental store they will fix it .

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as long as the label on top isnt damaged the data is still usable…... the plastic is just for that purpose, to take scratches and damage as it can be repaired…...

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I’ve had a lot of success with this type of product. The one I had was called “CD Doctor” or something (the one in the link is called, “Game Doctor.”. In any case, it works. It sort of sands down the whole layer of plastic until the scratches are not visible anymore.

It’s for situations like yours that make me angry that the corporations are against people making personal backups. You bought the data on the disk, not the disk itself, so you should be allowed to make a copy of the data for just this reason.

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@drdoombot Then you open the door to illegal copies being classed as legal backups .

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Game stores will be able to repair that for you by removing the upper layers of the disc (the scratch really won’t be as deep as you think). It’s pretty cheap, so go in and ask.

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@drdoombot you both are wrong ( in a sense)

You are allowed to have one copied form as a backup. You just must have the original to verify that it is a back up. Furthermore, the only way something is classified as an illegal copy is if it is sold. Thus, the copy isnt illegal, the distribution of copied mediums is.

Learn ya rights people ^.^

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I’ve heard it both ways: that it’s legal and that’s illegal to make a personal backup. I’d like to see some source that definitely states what the law is in the US.

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ok, if you make a copy and keep it to yourself…. who will know?
Tho… as stated
Most judges are on your side

AND, by copyright law
Can I backup my computer software?
Yes, under certain conditions as provided by section 117 of the Copyright Act. Although the precise term used under section 117 is “archival” copy, not “backup” copy, these terms today are used interchangeably. This privilege extends only to computer programs and not to other types of works.

Under section 117, you or someone you authorize may make a copy of an original computer program if:

* the new copy is being made for archival (i.e., backup) purposes only;
* you are the legal owner of the copy; and
* any copy made for archival purposes is either destroyed, or transferred with the original copy, once the original copy is sold, given away, or otherwise transferred.

Change the name from back up to archival, and youre golden,,,,, BTW that tid bit is taken from the official US Copyright Law webpage. (or so said google)

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P.s. Gaming system are technically under the same code….. Games on xbox are still considered “Computer Programs” as they are Computer Gaming Consoles.

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Well, I love all the answers, but I already bought a used copy of the game (they let me trade it in for $20 with a $4 refurbish fee) and when I got home and put it in IT HAD THE SAME PROBLEM. Not a single scratch on the disk, but it wouldn’t load multiplayer and certain levels (like all ghillied up) and gave the “put this disk into a xbox 360” load screen”. Now I have to take it back for ANOTHER copy of the game.

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did you get the gpg?

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game play guarantee

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