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How can I handle going to California by myself?

Asked by AlyxCaitlin (936points) August 17th, 2009

I plan on attending Fakir’s Body Piercing/Branding school in 2010, which is in California and I’m in Michigan. In the mean while of dealing with that, I have to find another job NOW so I can save up $2,000 :/

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What do you mean when you say “handle?” Finding a flight? Finding an apartment? Earning money? Or being on your own?

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You’re correct with all. Hahah I apologize for not being so specific. Handle being alone, and handle where to stay.

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If you are going to the school in Menlo Park, that is fairly near Stanford. Go to there and check on the bulletin boards for student housing in the area.

I doubt you will be spending much time alone.

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You don’t say how old you are, but if you feel you are ready to be on your own anywhere, then you will be fine in California. At 17, I moved 3,000 miles from my family to go to school. It was hard, but it was rewarding, and I did a lot of growing up because I had to.

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Are we talking about a week’s classes, a year’s schooling, or what? Where? Do you plan to live here, or do you just need short-term accommodations? How old are you?

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The school probably has resources to help you. They may be able to match you up with other students looking to share housing, etc. See ya….Gary aka wtf

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I would be staying a week, the classes are 5 days, 35 hours: 7 hours each day. So I would just probably end up staying at a hotel or maybe I can meet someone from there :] And I’m 18

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I would check with the school. They may have recommendations or even refer you to a hotel/motel that will offer a discount to attending students. By the way, you’ll love California and probably won’t want to leave…’s been my home for all my 55 years. See ya….Gary aka wtf

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You also might be able to find someone to stay with for a modest price. And there’s the couch-surfing option. Where is the school that you will be attending?

A week on your own shouldn’t be too great a trial of endurance and will surely be a very good experience.

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@Jeruba it’s in Menlo Park, CA :]

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ohhh only a week? yeah most places like that will be able to recommend a hotel close by at a relative discount. all you have to do is be thorough with things, make sure you cover every base, forgetting some important detail when you’re 3000 miles from home is never fun.
I wouldn’t recommend couch surfing, especially for an 18 year old woman, you know?

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 hahah i concur, thank you :]

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From what I understand, couch surfing sites have reviews about people, so you can stay away from people with bad reputations, and feel safe with other people. It’s also a good way not to be alone, and they might even show you around if you have free time. I know you’re young and very cute, but not everyone takes advantage of seemingly innocent young girls. I would not dismiss couch surfing out of hand. If you’re careful, I think you can have an excellent (and safe) experience.

Here’s advice for single female couch surfers. This is a list of Menlo Park hosts if you use these search terms: 08/17/09 5:12 pm 5 Has Couch: Coffee, Maybe, Yes, or Definitely Min Surfers Per Night: 1 Location: United States, California, Menlo Park Gender: Female.

This is not to say that if you were my daughter, I wouldn’t be really nervous about this. If my daughter insisted on doing this, I’d want to help her evaluate the people she might stay with. I generally have a good sense for these things. Even so, I would probably rather give my daughter money to stay in a hotel, even though I hate hotels, than see her do the couch surfing thing, which I believe would be much more fun and educational. Sigh.

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I agree that couch surfing could be risky for a lone young woman (you hadn’t said you were female). But as daloon says, there are reviews. My son is at this moment couch surfing in Belgium, and his host is a young woman. I am still a bit anxious for him, but he does have good sense.

However, if you were my daughter, I would say (a) ask the school for recommendations and/or (b) stay in a motel close to the school.

And after giving my best advice I would expect you to use your own judgment and to learn from the experience.

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I just looked at the couch surfing website, and I must say, it looks very cool. I think I’d like to be a host. Pretty cool.

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I learned about couch surfing on fluther and recommended it to my son on the basis of positive comments I read here. Later I found out my nephew had done it very successfully in the U.K. and is now hosting in Boston.

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Grow accustomed to using IOU’s as currency.

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You can bunk with me! It’ll only be a 7-hour drive (each way) per day!
Sure it’s a little bit of a commute, but it’s totally worth it. You don’t want to sleep near the Bay (tip: there’s lotsa gays!). I’m pretty good at rhyming

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You could also try hosteling. It’s basically sort of a dorm like atmosphere and there are responsible folks in charge. Plus you’ll stand a good chance of meeting people from all corners of the globe. It’s also a whole lot less expensive than a hotel, plus they have communal cooking facilities. Basically it would be sort of like living at a sorority or frat house. Well, probably NOT a frat house.

Just do a little web surfing on hosteling in general and see if its for you. Even tho I’m older than college age, I recently stayed at one because my friends at whose place I usually crash were out of town. I really enjoyed it.

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My daughter is a piercer at 23rd Street in Oklahoma, and I am impressed by what a friendly community the body art people are. You probably can find someone local to crash with.

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FYI, Motels in Menlo Park and Palo Alto are really expensive. Be prepared.

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You’ll love California and never wanna leave.

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@AlyxCaitlin – WAIT. i didnt realize this school was in the San Francisco area. In that case, just pack everything you need and don’t plan on wanting to ever have any desire to return to Michigan, the bay area is the shit!

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@Deni baahaha, okay :] michigan is pretty boring!

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I’m in menlo park right now. Staying at the red roof inn. It’s not fancy, but it’s clean and nice. Maybe you could negotiate a weekly rate.

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I just realized it’s the Red Cottage Inn and Suites. Sorry.

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