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Cheapest way to get to Arizona?

Asked by hungerforpizza (247points) July 6th, 2010

I live near Wahington D.C. What is the cheapest way to get to Phoenix, Arizona? Quotes please, exact fees.

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hitchhike…..1 thumb

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Depends on how long you wanna take to get there. Check

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It can take days, i just want the cheapest.

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Contact the airlines, Amtrak and the bus station. They are the only ones that can give you accurate quotes and schedules.

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What’s a good site to check bus stations?

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bus $202.40 2 days 8 hours

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There is one flight for $234 southwest….1 stop I had date leaving 7–19

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This is high season for Amtrak fares, they are more than double winter fares.
Bus is slow but cheaper that more airfares.

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They dont have amtrak in AZ that I could find.

My bad,,,,train is $416…..

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How about contacting a travel agency? An agent will ask all the pertinent questions to help you find what you need.

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Check sites like Kayak, Priceline, Orbitz, etc. Pick the cheapest flight of the day and then go to the airport early with your ticket and go down the line of departing flights to see if you can get bumped onto an earlier one, they usually won’t charge extra.

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Walking, ride share, bicycle. For exact quotes and fees, most public transportation requires exact travel dates, because their rates vary.

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Stick out a thumb.

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