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Discharge before my period?

Asked by jesslc323 (127points) August 18th, 2009

So Recently ive noticed that I get that brown discharge a week before my period that you normally get after your period. I never got this before but I did hear it could be from your birth control pill.
Just wondering if this is normal or not.

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I would speak to your doctor about this.

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Yes, definitly a question you want to ask your doctor insted of a bunch of strangers on the Internet.

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What BC do you use? I know that if you use Depo Provera, it’s a completely normal side effect to have brown spotting before and/or after a period, especially if it’s your first round of the shot. I can only speak about Depo though. And if it is Depo, and it’s happened after your second shot, I would definitely consult your doctor.

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Discharge is a normal thing , if you are worried or want to be reassured by a Dr go to them . They will say its ok , its your bodies way of getting ready for the cycle .

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Did you just start this pill? Could be breakthrough bleeding, which is very common, and probably means you need a stronger dose pill. Brown discharge is not normal, I have to disagree with @sandystrachan. Moreover, on the pill you should have little variety throughout the month while on the pill, because you are not going through a fluctuation in hormones, unless you are taking a pill that is not the same dose every day, still not brown.

If it is occuring after sex it could be an infection.

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@JLeslie My wife had a brown discharge just before her period and a day or two after wards , she got worried and say a nurse they said what i posted above . It happens its your body getting ready its telling you its ready .

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@sandystrachan Obviously I am not able to see the discharge of your wife or the person who posted the question. The person who posted says it is happening a week before her period, that is a long time and most likely a fluctuation in hormones. Two days before or after might be more likely to be normal, especially after, especially if she typically uses tampons and is aware of every little drop that is coming out of her. I would NOT trust a nurse about this. Nurses consistantly say to women, “its normal to have changes in discharge,” without really listening to the details of the symptoms. Sorry if I have offended any nurses here, I know that there are good ones and bad ones. If you, well not you, but a woman is over the age of 20 she knows what is normal for her body and what has changed, she has been menstruating 14 times a year for probably 5–6 years just by the age of 20. Fran Drescher, the actress, bled for 2 years before she finally found a doc who would do a uterine biopsy to discover she had cancer. She KNEW something had changed. I do NOT think your wife or the person who originally asked this question has cancer, but my point is a woman knows her body better than anyone else, including a nurse or doctor.

Meanwhile, I still maintain that if you are on the pill, good chance it is just breathrough bleeding and a new script will fix you right up. It can also be fibroids. If you started a new medication unrelated to feminine things sometimes there is the side affect of bleeding. I met a woman who started bleeding after menopause when she started Embrel. All sorts of things cause bleeding between periods.

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@JLeslie I started the pill in Jamuary. I didnt get discharge when I started, and im not getting it all the time either. The first time I got the discharge was 2 periods ago, now this one. I have no pain or discomfort nor do I feel any changes. If it continues next month i definatly will see my doctor.

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If you are on birth control pills, it is called late cycle breakthrough bleeding. It can usually be solved, as @jleslie said, by changing to a pill with a different balance of etrogen and progesterone. It doesn’t affect pregnancy prevention, so if you don’t mind it, some women prefer to stick with the same pill rather than change and possibly face new side effects.

If you’re not on hormonal contraception, I would agree that it would be best to schedule a visit with your care provider. Most often, it’s nothing serious, but hard to judge that over the phone or online.

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@jesslc323 Your doctor might be willing to change your pill over the phone rather than coming in as an initial try to combat this breakthrough bleeding. Breakthrough frequently is not accompanied by cramping or pain. You might just leave a message for you doc and see what she says, she can determine whether she wants you to come in for an appointment or not.

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This happened to me after taking the same pill for about 6 yrs. The doctor was worried I my body may be growing used to the strength and prescribed one dose stronger. So maybe you just need to change the kind or strength you are taking? I would call and find out.

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@georgefranklin9 if you think those articles are about vaginal discharge then it might explain why you got ripped off by such an obvious scam.

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