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Are you Smarter than the average human?

Asked by ABoyNamedBoobs03 (7531points) August 20th, 2009

Studies have shown that a majority of people today have a slightly elevated opinion of themselves. Meaning a little bit above average (might not be a super model, rocket scientist, or stand up comedian, but a littler smarter, cuter, and funnier individual). So I ask, are you Really a little bit better than everyone else? Or is it just you?

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Are you asking for my SAT and GRE scores? What’s your standard for judging whether it’s truth or inflation?

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Better taste in music/movies perhaps…

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In my inflated opinion, yes :)

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Not better. Just luckier. If people had the opportunities and upbringing I had (good public schools, an environment that encouraged academic excellence) they would probably be just as intelligent.

But I like to think I’m a fairly good writer.

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How would I know?

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I believe i am the smratets guy here, yes.

For me it depends in which group i find myself.
In my job i feel like i am smarter then some of my colleagues.
In my family i feel average (with an occiasonal “high”).
With some friends i feel less smart.
On Fluther i don’t know it.

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“Smarter” how? There’s more than one sort of intelligence.

I will cop to being smarter than the average bear, though, if not as strong or quick.

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Hmmm…good question. My instinct says “yes”. It’s also what my IQ test and teachers at school said.
However when I think about it, honestly, I don’t think I am. I just use my brain more. I did well in the IQ test at school because I actually tried to solve it, whereas some other smart kids didn’t bother much. I am considered intelligent by people who know me because I use my brain to find solutions for problems, or get results, or very rarely say or do something stupid. But I also don’t drink, smoke, or take drugs (which is intelligent of me, but also means I don’t go around drunk doing stupid stuff like some others do).
As the years pass by I realise that I have reached the limit of my abilities. My memory is fading and I am often absent-minded, I do a lot of things automatically now and without any particularly effective usage of my brain, I have not learnt anything new for the past couple of decades, and I can already see problems I can’t solve. Overall, I wouldn’t consider myself particularly intelligent then.
In my case, I think it is a misconception, cultivated mainly by others, throughout my life.

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I’m smarter that the average bear.

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I’m smarter than a 6 year old…

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I am a dumbass can’t you tell . ?

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this question isn’t worded well. how would someone know if their opionion of themselves is better than someone elses?? i don’t know people who think higher of themselves than other people see them.

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I am lazier than the average human, I’ll tell you that.

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@shilolo- Of course you’re talking about another six year-old.

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I personally think I am smarter than many humans. However I would also offer independent evidence such as personal references to my abilities as well as grades in relation to others to support this claim. Here in Canada children are tested at certain ages in the public school system for varying intelligence and education levels, and I was designated “gifted” at a young age, which includes being provided a higher level of education by means of more interesting classes to pick from where we study higher level knowledge. I have also done IQ tests at varying ages that support the claim of heightened intelligence. So in addition to my own value of self worth in relation to my knowledge, there does exist proof that my level of knowledge is beyond that of the average person’s.

This doesn’t have anything to do with evaluating my own worth as you imply though. Nor do I presume to be better than everyone else simply because certain tests indicate so and my circumstances for accessing these tests was different than say some random person in Africa’s.

Then again, I don’t believe in one type of intelligence, nor do I think that my previous achievements are any indication of my future success. Then then again, reading about gifted information here in Canada may give you insight into the way my brain may possibly work. Perhaps in this case, the designation of gifted was a recognition of my brain’s ability to question and communicate, and that is something which I still display to this day. I would say then that this gives me a distinct advantage in comparison with the majority of humans who are more open to misinformation and who do not question where knowledge comes from or why someone is telling them something. Does that mean I’m smarter than the average person? In some ways, maybe. But I’m not smarter than someone who is a master in their trade. So it is important to note that intelligence is all relative.

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I’m “book-smart“er than the average person. But as far as life-skills, I’m slightly more advanced than an amoeba.

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Smarter? I guess. I consistently test in the top 3 or 4% for IQ. But, IQ isn’t everything. I don’t believe I am better. I see people who probably have lower IQ’s than me, but are more ambitious, more willing to work hard at something, and as a result are much more successful than I am in many ways. But, I do know I have a strong capacity to organize information in my brain, think logically, and am willing to question my assumtpions.

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@MrItty Me too. I know more obscure facts than my sister, but she has street smarts and is more aware of her surroundings. I still don’t know where many streets are in my hometown, but she’s very good at navigating areas she’s only been in for a few days.

I think I would be considered ‘intelligent’ if I was more motivated and worked harder. I am a lazy little slug, so all I have is ‘potential’. And people who have potential are everywhere. I admire people who do things the most.

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Sounds just like me !

I am never a smart kid. I can recall not being able to solve 4+? = 8 at age of 4/5. Mom sighed and moved away, left me thinking how idiotic I am for a few secs.

I take quite some time to think of even the simplest thing. The problem of not being able to communicate and bottling whatever within myself is making things worse. I believe my IQ dropped -50 whenever i face with problems and frustrations.

IQ is not the most important criteria of judging how smart someone is. EQ is more important! Watch Forest Gump ! haha

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I’m almost as smart as a fifth grader.

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I’m smarter and more modest.

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Smart enough to know I don’t know everything in the world.

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I’m in the 99th percentile, for whatever that’s worth. However, I suspect some people have a higher opinion of me than I do of myself, because I know all my faults.

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> Are you Smarter than the average human?
> are you Really a little bit better than everyone else?

How does smarter equate to better?

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i am smarter than all humans combined!

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I’m smart enough to not answer this question.

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I often tell people that I’m just your above-average Joe.

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@Jeruba did I say they equate?

last I checked I had them as two separate sentences… better is simply an umbrella term. I asked if you thought you were more intelligent, funnier, or more attractive than the average person, that’s all. It’s a very simple question.

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So I’ve been told. Most of the time I feel like an idiot, though.

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So my test scores would indicate. It doesn’t seem to have done much for me though! I’d trade some of that intelligence for more ambition. Maybe.

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I definitely am.

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People’s traits on every dimension differ to extremes. I don’t think I’m any better or any worse than anyone else.

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I believe I am in certain aspects, like my views on things like nudity and sex, and my liberal views on children and stuff. As far as knowledge on things like history and stuff like that no I am not that smart

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What I like about this question is that it reminds me of how many smart people live here.

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@kevbo Live here at Fluther?

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Well that depends on how you define “better.”

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I used to think so until I joined Fluther! (But I am still smarter than that 6 yeard old. JK, AstroChuck!)

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I was hoping you’d link an IQ test or something… In my own opinion, I can’t really say. Regarding all humankind, there’s so much to take into account. I might be more educated than many people around the world, have a better vocabulary, and have practical knowledge of my culture and current events. But I think there are kids who live in little grass huts with far greater survival skills than I will ever have. Who’s smarter? An educated, worldly, massage therapist or a kid who can hunt his own supper, make his own clothing, tools and home, and not have to work on any weekend if he doesn’t want to? Does he have better critical thinking skills? And I haven’t even started on people in my own culture who are way smarter than I am. Watch one episode of Jeopardy! Teen Tournament and you’ll see what I mean.

Good question, I really don’t know. I’m leaning toward “No, I’m a big fat dummy” for myself, though.

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I’m the smartest kid with Down’s Syndrome.

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I would have to say that I am smarter than most simply because of ego, but when I look at it logically, I’d put myself at least in the above average category. I don’t really know.

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If they gave bonus points for neatness, my IQ would be almost 100! I hope that lesser people are not hurt by my saying this.

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Are you asking If I’m a genius.
I took the IQ test. I got the results. It is ^150 that’s for sure. So yeah, I am smart. :)

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That’s what they tell me.

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I have a feeling that people who find their way onto fluther are, on the whole, smarter than the average person. the stupid people use yahoo answers

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It’s not about how smart a person is as much as what a person does with their smarts.

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I evrul you @The_Compassionate_Heretic You are always one step ahead of me!

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My dogs think I am, but my cats disagree.

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@Darwin- How true that is.

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these are the answers I was hoping for.

that same study linked signs of depression and anxiety to those that saw themselves in a more realistic or lesser manner.

someone mentioned earlier that they wish I had linked an IQ test, I think those are fun but I didn’t because that’s the point of my inquiry, almost every single person on here said that they thought they were an above average person overall. Think of it this way, nearly everyone thinks they’re an above average driver too.

The point is that many people have a distorted view of themselves, it’s an evolutionary trait in humans (humans are the only one’s who display this type of trait), it helps us survive.

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it depends on the company i’m in. when i’m around someone who acts like an airhead, i figure i’m smarter because even though sometimes i know they’re not stupid, the fact that they think it’s cute to be stupid automatically makes me feel more intelligent.
i don’t think i’m more attractive than most people. i think i have better taste in things, but then, who doesn’t? if you didn’t think your opinion was better, it probably wouldn’t be your opinion!
i think i’m nicer than a lot of people though. haha.

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Judging by SAT scores and IQ tests and things like that, I am of above-average intelligence. And I think that’s beyond tragic because I am absolutely nothing special and nobody should be stupider than me.

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GPA: 4.0
ACT: 33
IQ: 140

Knowing that those numbers mean absolutely nothing: Priceless

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“the average human”

As in the whole world?

No human is average.

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my mom thinks so.

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@Sampson Interesting link. I read it and began to wonder how many people are really above average, because if we’re all better than the norm, who’s the norm? This feels very existential. We’re statistical impossibilities.

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@kyanblue: The average person doesn’t really have to exist. He/she/it is more an idea than anything else. For example, if you have a group of three people and two of them have an IQ of 125 and one has an IQ of 50, the average person in that group has an IQ of 100. In that group, the majority is above-average.

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I don’t know that more of anything than the average person. Well, I do feel like I’m weirder than most people I come into contact with. I feel like an alien sometimes. On rare occasions, I am fortunate enough to meet a fellow extraterrestrial.

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Most people I meet in the real world seem to be smarter than me. A lot of people on the internet do, too. Look at all the people here who say they are really smart. It’s hard to make a case that I’m smarter than the average human. Honestly, I don’t know how the rest of you do it.

I find that generally I am not as smart as I thought I was. That having been said, I also have no way of comparing, since I don’t believe that test scores tell us anything. In fact, in general, I find the construct of intelligence to be pretty useless. I find that just about everyone I’ve ever met has something to teach me. Usually a lot of things.

I also find that people are generally able to understand most of the things I say, although they may have a little trouble at first. That generally seems to be because of my failings at explaining myself clearly.

However, in the end, I hate questions like this because they always make me feel bad, and I never seem to be able to resist them. How dumb is that!

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I’m smart. I know I am cuz my mama always say so.

But there is always more to learn.

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Humility is a smart and important virtue.

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I’m the smartest person in the WHOLE WORLD!! I’m so smart people won’t even talk to me! Seriously, I don’t know. I’m often told I’m smart, but that can be very subjective.

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If we were all lining up in order of smartness, I would go where people told me to go. If no one told me to go anywhere, I would go to the end of the line—on principle. If you don’t tell me I’m smart, then I’m stupid. What I happen to think about my own intelligence is irrelevant.

A number of people online have told me they think I’m smart. Very few in real life have ever come out and overtly said so. Is it any wonder that I spend as much time online as I can?

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@daloon “What I happen to think about my own intelligence is irrelevant.” Excellent. It would be total arrogance to just assume you’re smart, especially if no one, no teachers, acquaintances, etc. ever said you were.

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@Val123 It would be total arrogance to just assume you’re smart, especially if no one, no teachers, acquaintances, etc. ever said you were.

That’s exactly how I feel. What’s more, when other people tell me they are smart, it always makes me wonder. Why do they tell me? Don’t they think I can figure it out for myself? It generally makes me feel they aren’t so smart, or that they are overly confident. It makes me mistrust them, or think they are really, really insecure.

Now I’m pretty insecure, and that’s why I would never claim anything for myself that other people hadn’t told me over and over. Even then, I would only say that so-and-so said this about me. Even that makes me feel arrogant. Of course, there’s nothing that I think is a higher compliment than someone thinking that I am smart, or perhaps that I am smart and I’ve done something good with my intelligence. Of course, I take care never to believe them. I wish the whole comparison thing would go away and we could all be ok to be who we are, instead of trying to be things so other people will like us, which I do all the time—how smart could that be?

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@daloon I know that’s exactly how you feel! I cut and pasted that sentence from your comment! :)

I find that people usually tell me that when I’m able to figure out something quickly that they’ve been struggling with. Other times, when I’m struggling they’ll say, “You’re smart! You’ll figure it out!” which really is a confidence booster which I appreciate. But, it’s all relative. I may be smart to some people, not so ‘mart to others.
Overall, it sounds like we both feel the same way. I would hope I’d never come off as acting superior just because some people tell me I’m smart. Just think of all the people who have NEVER said I’m smart! Stephen Hawkings comes to mind! of course, I’ve never met him….

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@Val123 LOL! GA for the Stephen Hawking quip!

Val123's avatar

Smile!! :)

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I’m not a bright guy by any stretch of the imagination. Only thing that gets me ahead is my willingness to read instructions, apparently.

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@RocketSquid (Reading the instructions is always my last resort!)

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No, they are just dumber.

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I don’t get how “dumb” came to be synonymous with “stupid.” Isn’t the original meaning “without human speech”? I find a lot of the time the stupidest people are the loudest…

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@MacBean . . . YOU AIN’T A SHITTIN’!!!

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@Blondesjon Good grief! I would hope not! Not right at this moment, anyway!

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I’m a smart ass.

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Flutherites IQ’s tend to run in the 120+ range, some above 150 gauging by style and content of writing here. Others, well, you know.

Fluther is cerebral, and tightly nit.

Me 140 – as a child I was tested. They couldn’t figure me out back then. Every major test was 99 percentile in science related areas, but 40 percentile verbal. Oddly the split percisted right up to MCAT after college.

I’m left handed. It’s all pictures inside. I play music to what I hear in my head, but I do not yet or may never have perfect pitch. I pick up languages very easily and am annoyingly (to others) fascinated with the unknown.

In times of yore, I likely would have had a shack outside of town and cackled a lot.

I’m a numb nutz when it comes to the social graces. Not all genes are distributed equally.

Society tolerates me, for now.

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I look at it this way. I’m more verbal than most people and more mathematically inclined and educated than all but a few. My verbalness makes it easy to defend my taste as superior, but I know in reality that taste is just taste. My senses work less well than most people – especially, sight and taste. I’m color obtuse. I can see a performance or read something and get more of the message and structure, but less of the detail than the people I’m with. I’m often cast in the role of leader because of my affect, but I am less likely to think I know what needs to be done than other people are. I deal well with chaos, is all.

So does that make me smart?

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@6rant6 by simple definitions yes, smart is too simple a word, for people though. Kinda like saying someone is American. It sounds like you are well adapted for the niche you are used, and hopefully appreciated. I have a gloomy outlook at present so It’s hard to be more upbeat anyway.

Who is John Gault anyway?

I don’t know.

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I guess so. At least when comparing to some of my friends, and in terms of how I do in school.

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If we are going just off any measured IQ test, then slighly smarter as the test score would indicate, but as far as more logical I believe I am near genuis to many.

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Definitely near a genius^^. If he would look down, he’d see one right beneath him.

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