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Whether nero 9 or roxio creater is better?

Asked by gnsagar27 (78points) August 21st, 2009

is nero 9 or roxio creater 2009 good?

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ImgBurn is best.

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Neither is very good, in my opinion. They are both bloatware, software with a bunch of features you will never use.

ImgBurn is good, see eambos post, above. It is free and works just fine.

I prefer Nero 6. It is perfectly good for burning CD’s and DVD’s, has a nice interface and doesn’t have all the extra, unneeded features.

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I bought Nero 8 mostly for the Showtime player, the best for avchd playback, by far. Then I made the mistake of buying Nero 9. As PerryDola said, it’s loaded with bloatware. It takes ages to install and the activation process is a nightmare. I had to wait several days and navigate through their horrendous support website several times before I finally located the right email address to send my manual activation request to. Dreadful. Never again.

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I am still using Nero 6 as well, very happy with it…Roxio, Shmoxio.

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