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Anyone have a similar sort of sexual preference?

Asked by dee1313 (948points) August 21st, 2009

Go here:

It basically explains exactly how I feel about things. I am a straight person, but I also like boobs, and if I hadn’t met my husband I would be open to a relationship with another woman. I just don’t like vaginas.

I guess, is this common? I didn’t think so until that web comic I read mentioned it, and a friend of mine feels the same way. What do you guys think?

Don’t be immature and make jokes about man boobs. Totally different thing.

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You know what you care about and respond to. It sounds rather ordinary to me, but suppose it weren’t. So what? You don’t choose what attracts you sexually, at least not consciously.

We’re all somewhere on the continuum, and you seem to have found your spot. I hope you have opportunities to indulge your desires.

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I am also a straight person who likes boobs :)

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I have heard something similar many, many times from woman friends. I have a theory aboit the vagina part, too, but I won’t impose it on you since you didn’t ask.

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I think everyone likes boobs, this doesn’t sound unusual at all

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It’s not the first time I’ve heard such an opinion from a female who considers herself “straight”. <shrug>

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I’m strait, and I can appreciate nice boobage and/or ass on a woman.

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I’ll make out with girls, fun is fun. I have no real interest in their downstairs, but I don’t think I’d mind much if they took an interest in mine.
And besides that, I have no interest in being involved in a lesbian relationship.

My thing is, I’m straight – I am attracted to men. But hey, pleasure is pleasure, ladies. ;)

What it really comes down to is social taboos on homosexuality being less severe for women, we’re allowed to express it more easily and most of us don’t see it as such a big deal as a consequence.

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@Capt_Bloth I don’t like boobs, for the record. I think they’re the most overrated thing on earth.

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How does anyone not like vaginas.

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As a man, I have to wonder if women who are sexually turned on by the boobs of another woman and want to have a sexual relationship with another woman ARE also sexually attracted to the vaginas of those women? Can it be they just won’t admit it to themselves? In their minds, that WOULD make them something they don’t want to be? So they “push” the vaginas away?

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@Quagmire: Sexuality isn’t always as simple as ‘I’m totes gay but I’m not cool with that’. Like I said, women are allowed to be more expressive of their desires. Maybe some are in denial, maybe some aren’t. But I don’t think most are that fucked up in their heads about sex nowadays.

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@simone54: Boys who like peen.

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@asmonet, with due respects, when one says I’m sexually attracted to another woman’s boobs but not her vagina, yet I want a sexual relationship with her, that’s sounds “run of the mill” normal to you?

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Sounds like someone’s sexual preference at the time. I really don’t feel the need to dissect imaginary thought processes.

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And I don’t believe attraction is synonymous with sexual attraction, myself.

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Sorry, I had wrote like one line, package just came to the door and I forgot what I had to say.


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My wife is the same way, loves a beautiful woman, but could never perform oral on a woman. Back in the day, she had a couple female-female interactions and she could never go through with it. I think it’s pretty normal, when we go out, her girlfriends are always pointing out the hottest girls

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i too am a straight female but i love boobs. they’re just so fun!!

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You know, I think @asmonet hit the nail right on the head. I mean, do you feel a sexual attraction to these women, or just appreciate the beauty?

For example, I think the male form – in it’s prime – is a beautiful thing. However, just thinking of performing a sexual act on another man makes me cringe and heave. Conversely, a gay man should be able to appreciate the female form without being pegged as bisexual. I think there’s should be distinction between appreciation/admiration and sexual attraction. Catch my drift?

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I have that preference and I’ll take the vaginas you don’t want

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@Grisaille: Thank you, I’m totally with you. I have an attraction to the female form, without a doubt. But, I’m an artist. Most of the time sex doesn’t even enter my mind. But, I still let my eyes linger and take it in on occasion.

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i like cats

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I am a straight woman but, I appreciate the beauty of a hot girl. I have never had a sexual experince with a woman but, I’m not pushing it out of the picture completely. Now how far I could go with a woman I am not certain. I think whatever happens Happens.

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I’m a guy and I like boobs too. Of course I’m looking at them from a six year-old perspective so I enjoy them for a different reason.

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@asmonet Yeah, well. My eyes linger on attractive women sometimes, too. Usually I’m called a perv, pig, or something of the sort.

Saying, “but I was just appreciating your beauty” just comes off as either corny or super creepy.

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I think it’s totally natural. Were all sexual beings. Only some stunted societies and religions put a stigma on that.

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@Grisaille is a perv… :)

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All of us guys are. Men are pigs.

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Lurve for the Boob fetish :D!

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—i like how this has turned into a boob appreciation thread!—-

i don’t care much for labels, so i think whatever you’re into is just dandy. i like the comic. i think it’s pretty common really. maybe that’s the definition of ‘bi-curious’ haha.

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small note:
I’m just going to assume that you guys are all actually talking about me

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I like my rack; does that make me bi? or uni?

And think about it, every other image in this culture is that of a half-naked (or otherwise) female with big bewbs. Hot half-naked dudes aren’t nearly as prevalent (except for about 35 soccer players currently working out in the park across the street from my flat. Hiii, fellas! Wanna see my rack?).

I honestly believe such constant exposure, so to speak, is a major part of why people go on about knockers all the time.

And why that would be is probably some primal/nurture thing.

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I think that makes you autosexual.

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I like that cartoon. I should read it more often.

Lets face it. The female body is much more beautiful than the male body. I think it is quite normal to appreciate its alluring curvaceousness whether you are a male or a female. How far you want to go after that is your own business.

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Do you actually have to have sex to be considered either straight or gay? I thought it was according to who you are atracted to, not which body parts. For instance, If a straight married couple doesn’t have sex for several months, does that change them from straight to something else? Or does a gay couple become straight if they aren’t having sex?? Asexual maybe??

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No, you don’t have to have sex to be considered straight or gay. That’s a complete myth and it’s complete bullplop.

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@pdworkin What is the theory about vaginas?

@asmonet I’ve had the chance to make out with another woman, but I declined… I’m not a super great kisser, and so I don’t really enjoy it much. She did give a light bite to my nipple (though my clothes) that turned me on though. I love having my boobs touched.

@Quagmire I used to think of myself as a possible bisexual, but I seriously would never ever want to touch another woman’s vagina.

@asmonet I’ve never touched another woman’s boobs except in a quick grab or poke, nothing remotely sexual. I don’t think boobs would turn me on, but I still like them. I can’t help but look at them when a woman is showing cleavage, too.

@steven0512 I pointed out hot girls too, with my husband at Rockfest (a concert in Kansas City). I think women are beautiful. Any sort of ‘attractive’ man (celeb or real life) I can think of I just don’t find as beautiful. I like curves a lot, and men generally aren’t curvy (love handles don’t count :P). I don’t get turned on by looking at a beautiful woman… I guess it’s almost like admiring art.

@simone_de_beauvoir Sounds like a plan! :D

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@dee1313 The theory about vaginas is that there is a lot of misogynistic crap floating around in our culture that women internalize, and believe, that is untrue and derogatory about their own bodies. A lot of women I know think their vaginas are ugly to look at, or smell bad (Vagasil promotes this idiotic idea) etc. There are well-known jokes in our culture based on these feelings (Doc, I look terrible but I feel great! Doc says, Oh, you’re a vagina!)

So then why is it surprising that some women would, even though attracted to others of their own sex, feel queasy about vaginas? They’ve been taught to feel that way all their lives. Of course many women escape this kind of crap, but I think a lot don’t.

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I should probably note that I’ve never, ever been obsessed about looks. Now that I think about it, I have seen a guy that just looked as perfect as a guy could to me, but there was nothing sexual there. More art appreciation.

The thing I initially found attractive about my husband was his personality. The personality thing sounds over done, but he is such a confident person.

I guess I’d love to have sex with another woman before I die, just to try it. It has nothing to do with not being satisfied, but more of a curiosity. My husband would have to be okay with it first (though we’ve talked about it before, and I’m pretty sure as long as he’s there he wouldn’t mind).

I just wouldn’t want to go down on her. Or use fingers. Well, at least not on the inside.

(Btw, I’m a webcomic junkie. That’s one of twelve I read. When I read that one, I screamed at my husband, “OMG!!!! THIS IS SO ME!!! READ IT!” and then I proceeded it send it to my bisexual female friend and asked to touch her boobs. :P)

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@DominicX My point exactly! Thanks for agreeing with me.

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Yes, it’s pretty common and there are degrees to the attraction and reasons behind. Many women find other women attractive, become comfortable with that and feel to explore if they have sexual attraction, many will to an extent and excitement and newness fuels this but when push comes to shove, most will know at their core if they are geared for the whole 9yds or not.

I find women beautiful and also sexually attractive. I am not adverse to vaginas but I also know I could not be with a woman and never again a man whereas I could and have before chosen to only be with men so now I draw a line to not cross in taking up with a woman since I cannot be fair with my affections and commitment.

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@pdworkin I think genitals are gross in general. And even though I’m a boob person, I’m not much of a nipple person. Well… that’s a lie. I love playing with nipples. I do it without realizing to my husband and he hates it. I think I just don’t like how they look. That might be a media conditioning thing considering that its a no no to show female nipples.

I don’t smell, and it only looks bad when I do a super quick job shaving (my husband is the only one who sees so who cares? :P). So, its not that I think it looks bad (I see it all the time in the porn I watch when I’m horny and my husband is at work) or smells, but the thought of putting my face/fingers/whatever a girl would do (I’ve never watched girl on girl porn) down there on another woman grosses me out. I think its just the wetness (and I’m not fond on burying my face) thing that grosses me out. I’m a texture person, with what I eat and touch. I wear latex gloves when I mix up pasta salad (it fills the bowl so it’ll spill out if I use a spoon) or when I make puppy chow (to mix the chocolate mix with the chex) not for cleanliness (I wash my hands beforehand) but because I can’t stand the thought of actually feeling it with my fingers. I can’t eat tapioca pudding because the texture grosses me out. Its stupid, I can’t even remember what it tastes like.

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This isn’t directed toward anyone, but I really wish that we can, mankind as a whole, become comfortable with the human body.

Squishy ginies and erect schmoopiepapoopies be damned, it’s natural.

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Well, @dee1313, what do I know? I’m a guy. I admire your forthrightness, anyway. GA.

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@dee1313 I’m with you on this one, vageens r scurry O.o

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@Grisaille we all yearn for the days where our concerns can be voiced without fear of social scorn

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@pdworkin I’m a pretty open person, to the point that my husband doesn’t like it. He hates it when I tell people I have a vibrator, because he thinks it looks bad on him… I’m like, Well, you’re a Marine. You work 10 – 12 hours a day. You go away on deployments. Soo… duh, I have a vibrator. I’m going to take care of myself should the need arise and you’re away. And yes, I’m going to complain on Facebook that the dog chewed it up.

Besides, the people on Fluther are nice. I love you all! hugs

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ehh, I think plenty of guys are hot but other people penises gross me out.

@Simone_De_Beauvoir you know you are awesome, right?

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@benjaminlevi well, I don’t know, but the more important question is: do I also then get the penises that you don’t want?

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I guess you can have them, but I love my own.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@benjaminlevi you make me want to see it. badly. feel free to show me. in pictures. thanks. besides remember how good it felt when you were pressed against my boobs…it is payback time

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is it just me or has this thread turned into something that’s gone completely over my head?

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@ABoyNamedBoobs03 yeah, you had to be there…benjamin and I go back

ABoyNamedBoobs03's avatar

oh no! another clique!

go back pretty far huh? ;)

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@ABoyNamedBoobs03 no, not a clique, friends…you know friends…and no not that far? though I certainly wouldn’t mind, lol

ABoyNamedBoobs03's avatar

@Simone_De_Beauvoir lol excuse the awful attempt at humor…

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Boobs are great, fake or not.. Well, I must say, some fake ones looks really good LOL.

Agree @AstroChuck men are pigs lol :)

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Well I’m gay and I really don’t like vay-jays or dicks. I’m turned on by other stuff.

Edit: I don’t like boobs either!

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@Haffi112 like.. what?

is there some orifice I wasn’t made aware of?

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I’m gonna let your imagination answer that one lol ;)

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I love looking at a beautiful women, her face, her body, but I am straight. I don’t want to have sex with her, but watching her might get me in the mood for my husband. My maternal side of my family has always appreciated beauty, maybe because they are artists? Also, as a society, we are surrounded by images of half naked women, so I think overall we are very comfortable looking at women, more than men.

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I think cocks are beautiful (I should know, I have one). That doesn’t mean I think I could ever fall in love with a male personality.

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@Noel_S_Leitmotiv what’s a ‘male personality’ like?

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It’s just like @eponymoushipster, @Simone_De_Beauvoir .

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I’ve never heard someone say that cocks are beautiful.

dpworkin's avatar

because you haven’t seen mine?

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir: Well, it’s masculine, as in not feminine i’d say

I frequently find males physically attractive but it’s never more than physical because I’m ultimately most attracted to a females manner, mode of speech, etc.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@Noel_S_Leitmotiv and that manner is? don’t get me wrong, I’m not being facetious..I just get interested in what different people think these arbitrary things mean

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