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Bleeding after sex?

Asked by TabernakAttack (354points) August 21st, 2009

Ok, I usually ask dumb questions on this site, but this one’s a little more serious;

Sometimes after sex my girlfriend bleeds a bit, but it’s not a period. And it doesn’t happen every time. Does anyone have any educated guesses as to what it could be?

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You’re over stretching her vaginal walls with your big penis.

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Has she seen a doctor? That doesn’t sound normal. Do you guys have rough sex or something like that?

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Has she seen a doctor for this issue?

I know I was told recently that I might bleed after sex, but I’m pregnant…so that’s a huge factor.
Here’s a couple sites with detailed information on what could cause it. Seeing a doctor would give her the answer for her body though

According to those sites, it is not normal and she needs to see a doctor.

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She had a physical about 5–6 months ago and everything looked normal..

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I did that when I finally got to see my then-fiancĂ©e after 6 months of no activity down there. I guess I got tighter. It did hurt, so you’re probably just stretching her, but if it happens often, and not just when its been a while since you guys had sex, you should have her ask a doctor.

If she’s on birth control, she may be spotting. For me, if I am, it doesn’t come out during sex, but a bit after when we’re cleaning up.

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She needs to go and see a doctor. I would also suggest that you go and see a doctor too as several casues of vaginal bleeding after sex are STD’s.

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You probably don’t fit into this category, but post-menopausal women sometimes bleed during intercourse due to thinning of mucus membranes.

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@Lightlyseared Said what I was going to say.

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@Lightlyseared EEeeeeewwwwwwwwwww.

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I heard of smoking after sex… but not bleeding.

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@Malcrony: IF someone said what you were going to say, there is no reason to say it again since we already read what lightlyseared said, say I.

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some women bleed numerous times even after loosing their virginity. and the bleeding is light. but it is RARE.

it is also possible that she is not lubricated enough, especially if you are having rough sex, or unlubricated condoms. if this is the case, try using lube.

But like everyone else said this is an unusual occurrence, and her best bet is to consult a doctor, because this could be a more serious problem, like rupturing or burst (insert internal reproductive organ name).

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are you her first? everyone said the same thing.. possibly lubrication.. send her to her pcp

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