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My anti-virus is blocking something I want to use. How do I fix this?

Asked by augustlan (47715points) August 21st, 2009

I downloaded Avira anti-virus, and apparently it found a trojan in a game I’ve been playing for years (with no problems). I accidentally instructed Avira to ‘deny access’, and now I can’t play my game. I can’t figure out how to undo this!
I really, really want to play my game. Hmpf.

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There is generally a whitelist function. Check the help files. If Avira doesn’t let you whitelist a file, bag it, and pick a better program.

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I just downloaded Avira to check it out, but haven’t ever genuinely used it so I’m no expert.
I’d suggest opening up Avira, and going into the Administration tab on the left, and checking out Quarantine.

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I did check quarantine, but it was no help. I’ll check on the whitelist thing, too.

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McAfee has taken to doing that, too, but fortunately it does keep a list of quarantined files so all I had to do was tell it to un-quarantine the ones I needed.

If worst comes to worse, what happens if you uninstall Avira?

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I’ve had several antivirus programs keep me out of my games. Especially from the Big Fish game site. That was part of the reason I got rid of Comodo and Zone Alarm. Both were finding viruses where none existed.

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I figured it out… apparently, there were two quarantined files related to the game. I had missed one of them earlier. Thanks for the help guys!

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punch it in the face

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