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Is there a super glue that actually works?

Asked by gailcalled (54631points) December 13th, 2006
I am trying to glue glass to silver, and repair some broken bone china. Glue sticks to me just fine but doesn't last long on materials it was meant for.
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I would use super glue gell. It dries fast, but does not run everywhere like normal super glue. Plus, you only need a small dab. You can find the glue at hardware or hobby stores.
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Alas, super glue is not meant for everything. Glass and silver aren't super porous, which meansyou're going to have a tought time. I would try a two part epoxy for everything you've mentioned. You can grab it at the hardware store or the arts and crafts store. It has two chambers and you mix the contents together.
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I have super glue gel that works well on china and metals. Give it a try.
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gorilla glue. that stuff is amazing.
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What's Gorilla glue and where is it found?
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Gorilla glue can be found in most hardware stores and building supply stores (Menards, Home Depot). It's super strong!! That's because as it dries, it actually expands to form a much stronger bond. The only problem is that when it expands, it oozes out between the cracks. You have to be very vigilant about wiping off the oozing before it dries or you have a brown ooze between the glued pieces.
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Gorilla Glue!!! Walmart sells it too. MUST be kept away from kids and pets who will try to eat it and when it dries it expands in the stomach and intestines—I’ve read all kinds of tragic stories featuring Gorilla Glue. Also, the first time I used it I succeeded in gluing my calf to the back of my thigh! It really hurts to remove from skin, so don’t get it on yourself.

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