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What do you think about how the earth/ universe was created?

Asked by atr408 (357points) January 16th, 2008

How do you think our galaxy was created. Do u think there are other galaxies with intellagent life on them. Do u think there is more then one universe?

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This is a tough bunch of questions since even my own opinion keeps changing on some of them. I have no idea how the universe was formed, although the Big Bang and its supporting evidence make the most sense to me.

How was the Earth and other planets formed? I think it’s pretty common to believe that large bodies of matter were brought together from clouds of dust and gas left over from the formation of stars or other stellar events.

Life? Sure. When the universe is so large with so many galaxies, star systems, and planets (more are being discovered each day) I find it extremely difficult to believe that we are the only form on life anywhere…

Finally, it’s my opinion that there are alternate universes, because my feeble mind can only accept certain scientific theories when more than one universe exists.


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to answer your original question…I think it was done well…I would have put in some more planets that could sustain life, but that’s just me.

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I personally believe that the God of the Bible literally created the universe and everything in it in six days. I personally doubt there are other universes or other life-sustaining worlds or that, if there are, that they actually do sustain life but I don’t believe there’s any way to know that for sure. I am well studies about these things and various other viewpoints, nevertheless, these are, of course, my personal opinions and I submit them as requested and not to be contrary or for the purpose of debate.

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(Billions of Stars per galaxy) x (Billions of Galaxies in the Universe) = A VERY high probability that there is life on a planet other than Earth. Who do we think we are that we are the only living creatures in the world? I’m not saying there are things out there that look like present-day Homo sapiens, but it is probable that there is at least bacteria or other types of life on other planets. As for our planet, we should not think that humans are the “goal” of Evolution, but that is another story…..

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I can’t tell if ‘adamandshauna’ is joking or not.

In any case, I belive that there are many things that we may literally not be able to comprehend. We’re smart, but there are things bigger than us. Like when you say “forvever”. I know what that implies, but I really don’t think we’re capable of truly grasping that concept.

It’s like the old saying goes, “You can’t teach a dog algebra”.

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Not joking. Just to let you know. :)

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so for those of you believe in the big bang, what was there before the big bang. I’ve heard somthing like befor the big bang there was nothing but I’ve also heard that before the big bang there was another universe and its “life” had come to an end and it all came crashing inward due to gravity and all matter was “squashed” to the size of a pee. Then the tremendus presure and heat caused it to explode creating the ” big bang” I heard that this cycle may have happens manny times before and could possibly happen again. This theory makes more sense to me because it means that there was something before the big bang. I know this is another fluther question but I’m realy interested in this sort of stuff so I was wondering what professions involve this kind of stuff and what clases would I have to take to become this kind of scientist?

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Theoretical physics/cosmology. For popular and easy books to read on this subject I recommend A Brief History of Time (Hawking) and 2 books by Brian Greene – The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos.

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Sorry, I meant they are easier to read than thick textbooks on the subject.

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I believe that an all-powerful. all-knowing entity initiated our universe by the “big bang” . I do not know what its purpose is; perhaps we humans cannot know this. Remember that, before the big bang, there was no time, space or matter as we know it. Perhaps there are other “universes” that we can never know about with completely different characteristics.What happened after the “bang” has been more or less random, rather than guided by a “creative designer”. No designer with only human intelligence would design the components of our matter to be as over-complicated as they are. No such designer would design human beings with the physiological weaknesses that we all share. Think of how inefficient our immune and blood oxygenation systems are. But, I do believe that this entity intervened once in our universe to give us humans the sense of self, of individual identity, of the future and other characteristics that separate us from other animals.This intervention also created the collective unconscious which is evidenced by fundamental values shared by all humans ( a conscience, for example) and the mythological phenomena shared by so many human cultures.

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I think God formed the universe.

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I’m lucky I didn’t have to!

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I neither believe nor disbelieve in god. Anything is possible. The big bang idea seems plausible. I do think there are other planets that sustain life. It just seems that if ours is here, and the universe is so unbelievably enormous there must be other out there.

In any even I don’t believe the eart was created in six days. I feel that if there’s any truth to that it’s symbolic. Everything came in the correct order for the current scientific ideas of evolution to go along with the biblical idea if you cahnge days to another time increment.

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Two membranes collided creating the big bang. Check out m-theory for more info. It ties the five superstring theories into one grand unified theory.

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How: After a previous universe came to an extremely swift close, an extremely dense “ball” (and I use that term loosely) of energy proceeded to create literally the largest and most spectacular cosmic fireworks display ever seen in our universe. This was called the Big Bang. As the universe expanded, the speed of expansion began to accumulate speed, oddly enough, to the rate it is currently at. By some unknown method, energy began to shift into mass (Higgs Boson possibly?) and clouds of particulate were formed which gave birth to stars which ensnared other cosmically created bodies into their gravitational fields.

Other Galaxies: I thouroughly believe that there are countless other galaxies with intelligent life within them. In fact I believe that there is other intelligent life within our own(we have a pretty big back yard).

Multiverses: Yes, I believe that our universe is one of many. How, exactly, are these connected to each other, I have not the slightest.

Hope that answers your questions.

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there is a great new article in the latest Scientific American about the Big Bounce, which goes beyond the Big Bang and can describe it all a lot better than I can, so go read it already. and as for what created the universe, that’s easy. It was Evelyn, the world’s largest deity.

Evelyn Rules!

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Big Bang .

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I vote for adamandshauna
Some say it all evolved by a big bang over billions of years, others like Adamandshauna and myself believe God created it in merely 6 days.
One position is the thesis, the other is the anti-thesis. Like so many other Hegelian conclusions arrived upon by synthesis, I believe this thesis and anti-thesis will merge to another synthesis, that is ‘theistic evolution’. It might take another generation or two, but eventually the biblical concept of creation and atheistic evolution will go by the way side, and theistic evolution will be the standard.

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First, you need to figure out what you are saying. “Universe” means everything there is, so any talk about more than one universe is just dum. Creation and off planet life forms have not been observed, so any talk about those is fiction. Science is based on observations. Modern scientists get awfully wacko sometimes, but science is still defined as knowledge obtained from observations.

Most people are such poor students that they can not consider “creation” except in a biblical sense, and unfortunately they are unable to read the bible clearly. The bible says only “in the beginning”, but people stretch the story out until it makes no sense and then blame their confusion on God. In fact, there were eye witnesses to that portion of Genesis that follows verse 1. They recorded their observations as best they could, carving some records into stones and passing verbal accounts from one generation to the next. It has taken a very long time to interpret these records because they don’t describe anything we have seen. Most amazing is that accounts from all around the world agree on all the details. For example the legend of the dragon is carved into rocks all over the world, but it is only recently that anybody has noticed a natural effect that fits that description. This is a long book because it tries to cover everything completely.

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