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Can I get Applecare for a refurbished MacBook?

Asked by Ria777 (2687points) August 26th, 2009

I know that refurbished MacBooks have a “limited” one year warrantee. (they call it that on the website, but then don’t all warrantees have limits?) I wondered if you could only buy warrantees for new Apple products.

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You can get AppleCare for Apple-refurbished products, but you have to do it before the one-year warranty runs out.

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You probably already know, but it’s worth pointing out the difference between a warranty and insurance. A warranty is a guarantee from the manufacturer (in this case Apple) that states that the product will remain free of defects until the warranty expires. Defects only include errors that were caused by issues during manufacture or during normal operation; for example – the CD drive unexpectedly stops working.

If you damage the product (either accidentally or intentionally), it’s stolen, lost or otherwise, a warranty doesn’t cover that. Insurance, depending on your plan, can cover you for a number of things, including all of the above. Although insurance is typically more expensive, you may be able to add the item to your household insurance.

Too many people turn up at the Apple Store or other places saying they dropped their laptop, and asking if it’s covered by the warranty. That’s not what a warranty is. ;)

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@Ria777, the default warranty as well as the cost/coverage of the AppleCare plan is identical for new machines and their respective refurb’d counterparts.

So… buying a refurb’d unit is a very good deal. And not something you should fret overmuch. You’re saving money and getting what is practically an identical product.

Only real difference is that the refurb’d units don’t come in the same fancy boxes as the new items.

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@richardhenry: I know they don’t cover damage caused by water getting in the keyboard. I learned that the hard way. I did now know about the specific “no coverage for accidents” policy, though I would have if I had the fine print.

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@robmandu: I had decided to go with a refurbished computer with the provision that I wanted to make sure that I could get Applecare for it.

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As a person who has done exactly that, I think you’ll be happy with the result, @Ria777.

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