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Is it true the iPhone 5 has a holographic display?

Asked by thesparrow (2741points) October 10th, 2011

I’ve been seeing videos on Youtube of the iPhone 5’s holographic keyboard and display. Is this real?

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I have no idea, but if it’s real, I’m sold.

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The iPhone 5 doesn’t exist yet.

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If it interests you, the holographic keyboard (compatible with iPad) has been made. It’s expensive, but neat.

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I’ve never owned an iPhone, but this is awesome.

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@rpm_pseud0name That sn’t holographic though. A hologram is a 3d image that looks real but doesn’t exists. This is simply an interactive projector.

Whhy would the iPhone 5 look like the iPhone 43 when the iPhone 4 changed so much?

And how can anyone think this is real? The table doesn’t have touch sensing capabilities, even if if used the same thing as the Cube laser keyboard, it can only sense one finger at a time, and if it could track two, the fingers crossed paths and that would block the IR detection. This video is well done, but seriously, come on people

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Yeah, definitely not real. Cool special effects, though.

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Somebody has been watching way too much Star Trek TNG or Voyager :)

Or perhaps too much Angela with her kickass screen in the science lab on Bones. (Thats not real either but they sure have a seriously great Special FX Dept)


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I think we have a long way to go before this can happen, but I’m sure it could be possible one day (remember that this is coming from someone who knows nothing about technology.)

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Yeh, I know nothing either

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the celluon mouse is cool

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Son of a gun !

I recently encountered demos and reports on a pretty fascinating piece of technology, part of which most likely was used to film that “faux” iPhone demo linked above. Except this one is not a hoax.

Altho it has nothing to do with iPhone, Carnegie Mellon Univ. In conjunction with Microsoft has developed a wearable projector which is shoulder mounted. It can handle multiple finger gestures and is pretty impressive.

You can find vids on YouTube as well as a more detailed explanation on CMU’s own website so it isn’t a joke.

Just head over to YT or the CMU website and put in the word “Omnitouch” and be prepared for a surprisr

it’s pretty impressive.

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Can’t be true. The image would have to be projected onto something, not just thin air.

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