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Does anyone else really hate when other people post pictures of you online?

Asked by quasi (777points) August 27th, 2009

Maybe its just me. But I don’t upload pictures of myself to the internet very often (if ever). But now, with social networking, I don’t have to. Do others find this annoying as well? I hate being ‘tagged’ in a photograph, especially when it means that the photograph automatically becomes a part of MY profile (on things like facebook). Am I alone on this?

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I do not share this opinion with you, but I know a number of people who do, so you are definitely not alone.

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I only care if the picture is unflattering

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I don’t mind it at all. I have nothing to hide and there’s no reason why it would bother me. If people take a picture, and I’m in it, well, it’s kind of expected that I’ll be tagged. No biggie.

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I couldn’t really care less, I usually look a state so if it’s out there then that’s me.

Link above, that’s me, and yes I really am that ugly !!

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Isn’t there a way to ‘untag’ yourself in those FB pics? I wouldn’t have a problem with it (unless they were naughty pics), but I can understand why some don’t like it.

@RareDenver Pfft. You are in no way ugly, silly man.

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@augustlan yeah you can untag yourself, and I don’t really think I’m ugly, just not good looking! But hey I was good looking enough to get the woman I love to marry me so all is good in RareDenver’s world.

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@augustlan yes, your right about being able to ‘untag’ yourself.

and i think it may just be an issue for people that don’t already post tons of pictures of themselves online. of course, there have been many discussions about the user content of social media sites, as far as privacy and ownership.. but this just irks me for some reason.

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Yes! That is way I avoid Facebook like the plague. I actually opened an account and a few idoits immediately began writing on my wall. I found pictures of me at a party. Forget it. It don’t need another time-waster. I already have Fluther for that.

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Nah, I like having my picture up online. I mean, 20 pictures of me with my tongue out a party can be a little annoying, but I don’t care if people see that. And you can always untag yourself. That’s why I like being in charge of the camera when I’m with my friends; unfortunately, that doesn’t happen all the time. :P

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There’s only one picture of myself online that I wish weren’t up, and it’s because I look like absolute shite in it. Spotty face w/o makeup, hair all frizzed out, awful sweater stretched over a 40 lbs. overweight body and just… I look like Grade F shite. But it’s from one of my best pals’ theatrical triumphs so I can’t ask her to take it down. :(

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Milo here: I am so photogenic that I would be miffed if she didn’t. (costumes by rooeytoo.

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You certainly have a commanding presence, Milo.

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@aprilsimnel: Please contact my agent from now on.

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It’s the worst if you blacked out and then find pictures later.

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only if they look bad.

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yes, particularly if you had no idea someone was taking the photo, and whether you like (read: untag) it or not, that photo is locked in cyberspace forever, even if they remove it

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Not too often but unflattering pics of me smoking aren’t allowed. On facebook, you can un tag any photo someone’s tagged with your name and sending a message asking for removal is good. There are also settings you can choose that prevent anyone from tagging you in photos and also settings so no one can see any pics of you at all unless they are on your friends list, no friends of theirs even. I think there are settings to make individual photos viewable to only chosen people, check it out.

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I usually don’t mind at all. Actually, I like it. I am very picky about what pictures of me go on the interwebz for all the world to see though, so I untag myself frequently. I generally don’t mind so much if someone else has a picture of me looking or behaving badly on their site, but occasionally I’ll ask someone to remove or crop a really unflattering one. My friends aren’t assholes, so they do it. :)

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i mind. mostly because any mutual ppl we might know i misght not want them to know what’s been happening in my life.
but what is the polite way of saying “take that down from your site, i’m trying to avoid certain ppl”?

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