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Have you ever had an unsatisfactory experience with take-out?

Asked by evelyns_pet_zebra (12908points) August 28th, 2009

I work second shift at a secure facility. I am at an outside gate, and sometimes, what I bring for lunch seems unappetizing. So I will order a pizza. Two weeks ago, I ordered a pizza from the nearest the Pizza Hut. They delivered it, and they even brought a few paper plates and napkins. Then last week I ordered a pizza from a place called Shorties just down the road. A good pizza, but not that great.

Tonight, I tried to order a pizza from the same Pizza Hut as two weeks ago, and after being put on hold by some kid that didn’t sound old enough to answer the phone, the phone was finally picked up and I was told by the manager that they do NOT deliver to my workplace. When I told her that I had received a pizza from them two weeks ago, she simply replied, “I just talked to my driver and he says we don’t go down that far.”

‘That far’ is a mere four blocks.

I asked her if she was calling me a liar. She said, “No, but we do NOT deliver to your address.” I wanted to get pissy and give her ‘what for’ but decided there was a better way to deal with this problem.

So when I got home, I contacted the Pizza Hut corporate headquarters online, filed a complaint, and let them know that even though I have been a regular customer at that particular store for nearly 20 years, they had lost a customer for good because of their inconsistent delivery policy. My money spends good everywhere, and I refuse to deal with a place that doesn’t follow the golden rule of retail. The customer is always right.

Have you ever dealt with a delivery place, had this or a similar experience, and what did you do to solve it?

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I’ve also had a terrible experience with Pizza Hut. Their pizza is crappy anyway.

You’re much better off ordering Chinese take out.

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Yeah. McDonalds! The person serving was really rude!. I got up and just headed outside. I didn’t stop going because of her; it was because of “Super Size Me!” movie. I know a lot of pizza Pizza Hut people that are really nice. Are you sure you called the right number? I mean you mentioned the “kid”....

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@cyndihugs There are so many pizza places that contain the word “pizza” in the name. It does get confusing. seriously

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My supervisor (who was kind of a haughty beatch) once called up Papa Johns to order pizzas for an event. The PJ chick informed her that they couldn’t take orders because their computers were down. To which my supervisor replied, “So you’re telling me you can’t make pizzas without a computer?”

The chick basically said “yes” that was the case, and my supervisor hung up.

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I had pizza tonight. It was a white pie from this new place that’s supposed to be really good… But its not agreeing with my tummy at all. :(


I’d rather have bad service than bad food. Bad service only pisses you off. Bad food is… bad!

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I called the local pizza place once and oredered a ‘white” pizza. the pizza delivered to me was a regular one with sauce. So I called back to talk about the mistake, and was nicer than I needed to be about it at first. I told them that my order was wrong, but I would keep it because I had company and didn’t want to wait for them to make another one.

I only wanted some type of discount on my next order to make up for it, like a buck off or something. The man on the phone said “No, you got what you ordered.” I told him “I most certainly did not. I ordered a white pizza and got a red one. Why would anyone order a red pizza and have tomatoes on top?” He said ” I know what you ordered. I took that order myself.” This was after a lot of back and forth, so I just replied, “So then you are the moron responisible for the loss of a customer.” and I hung up on him.

That was the owner of the shop, and I had just recently learned about white pizzas, and one day he told me what to say when ordering. i used his words exactly when I called, and not only did he get it wrong, he gave me flack when I called back to report the mistake.

So I stopped using that place and found another one for my pizza orders. Most places will do something to make up for mistakes, not make small ones bigger ones.
I think you did the right thing calling the headquarters. You might get a coupon for a free pizza from them. The question is… will they deliver it to you?

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Most of take-out experiences are bad, but so be it. I’m certainly not going to cook. Plus, it takes a lot to
really piss me off. This type of crap is just not worth my

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Nowadays, at least where we live, the guy you talk to at Pizza Hut may be nowhere near where you are but in a call center. He then follows only what is said on the computer screen about delivery. And depending on his IQ and experience he may not be able to distinguish between a guard and an inmate.

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Okay, great answers all. The deal is: I have dealt with this place for going on twenty years. It is only two miles from my house. The person you talk to is the person at the store. We live in an area where you don’t deal with call centers. I know I called the right place, as I looked it up in the phone book to double check my memory.

The fact that the manager had to go to her delivery guy for back up, and that I had a pizza delivered from the same place, except on a different night, two weeks before is the part that pisses me off. I have stopped patronizing restaurants for less hassle, and the only way to let a place of business know that you are not happy with their service, etc, is to stop patronizing their establishment.

At one restaurant, I got bad service when I was still a teen. It was lunch with my Dad. He told them that he was not happy with the food (our fries were stone cold), and would never darken their doorway again. He never did. I took my lesson from him. Forty years later, and I STILL have never gone back to that place. It’s the principle of the thing. I worked retail for many years, and I have worked sales, I know the routine and what it takes to keep a customer happy. Some people don’t, it seems.

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@jonsblond I don’t eat oriental food, it just doesn’t agree with me. And Pizza Hut does have pretty good pizza, you just have to order the right crust.

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I work at a pizza place (Hungry Howies) and we have computers that map out locations if we aren’t sure if we deliver there or not. Is it possible that they misunderstood the address and mapped it out wrong?

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@Sampson yeah, that’s the funny thing, I stopped at this place last week, checked their wall map, and saw that my work place WASN’T in their zones. So the first time they delivered must have been a fluke, or that it was a driver that liked to ‘color outside the lines’. Since I am known by pizza places to tip big, I expected it to happen again. But I guess lightning doesn’t strike twice. It’s not the best neighborhood, but it’s only four blocks outside of there most eastern zone.

Did they really think that a security guard surrounded by cameras was going to fucking rob them?

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OK so I was at a summer program called EOF at Stockton college. I wanted some take out one day, I call the place she says yes we deliver to the campus. Ok, so I tell her what parking lot number and that I can only receive the order in the parking lot (the EOF rules were no one was aloud in the dorm areas dont ask why). She tells me “no where are you what building, need to know”, so I say Im in housing 2, “what you say I can not hear you?”, housing 2 parking lot 7. “No thats not good enough, I no know where you are”. She hangs up…..we play phone tag for about 15 mins, finally I just tell her the building the room what ever and figure I’ll just meet the guy in the parking lot. 45 mins later Im pissed and get a phone call from the delivery guy who is on the other side of campus, 20 mins and four phone calls later I finally get my food, and head off the guy just in time so he doesnt come onto the dorm area. All that time for some shrimp and rice. I just didnt get why it was so hard to find a parking lot that is clearly marked, next to a giant sign that says housing 2. Mind you there is one long road that goes down the side of my college, and you see all the parking lots numbered to the side of you. So yea not hard to find, and they apparently deliver there all the time. Stupid delivery people.

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Stop and think who those delivery people are. It’s a minimum wage job where you have to use your own car. It isn’t rocket science, but food delivery people are not physicists. Sometimes they don’t even have a high school diploma.

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@Darwin Wow. Way to stereotype…

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If the shoe fits…

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@Darwin So that’s it? All delivery drivers are uneducated buffoons. I’ll let the guys at work know. Especially the college student that speaks fluent Japanese. He puts on a good guise, but he must be a moron because you say so.

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Sigh As I said, if the shoe fits…you are showing your lack of knowledge and maturity right now.

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@Darwin So you just dismissed my response to your generalized blanket statement by saying ”If the shoe fits…” You could do that with anything, then. “People at (insert occupation) don’t have high school diplomas.” And when someone says, “well that’s not really the case, and in fact probably a rarity,” saying, “If the shoe fits…” doesn’t mean anything.

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Obviously it means something to you.

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@Darwin If you’ll look above, I stated that I work at a pizza place. So basically, you’re calling out my co-worker’s and my intelligence.

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As a consumer with copious experience with pizza delivery guys I am relying on my experiences in forming my judgment.

As someone who held such a job at one time when I was young and inexperienced I also am relying on my memories of being naive and uneducated in forming my judgment.

I fail to see why it upsets you so much unless there is some truth in it.

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@Darwin I don’t appreciate being called stupid.

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I never said you were stupid. Are you a physicist?

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@Darwin Does that matter at all?

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Not to me.

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I think the whole institution of take-out food and delivery food is dysfunctional. I’d like to see people go into a restaurant and eat their food there, among other people, not carry their food back home avoiding the rest of the world (except maybe whomever is home). Personally, I never order out and only occasionally buy food to go. It’s simply not conducive to supporting a community. I live in Southern California, which is seriously lacking in a sense of community, and I don’t want to add to the problem.

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Wow. I’ve lived in So Cal most of my life and I think there are many great communities, including those who like to eat-in.

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@tinyfaery I’m sure you’re right. Unfortunately, that’s not the face of SoCal that I have seen lo these many years. My neighborhood is like a microcosm of Orange County, i.e., all new buildings, sterile, lifeless, ugly – but still considered upscale. I should move to a part of town where people walk on the sidewalks and shop locally. It’s my own fault for staying in a convenient area that I don’t like.

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