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Music recommendation: gritty rock/blues bands a la The Black Keys?

Asked by sndfreQ (11729points) January 18th, 2008 from iPhone

Maybe like The White Stripes too; though doesn’t have to be a band with a ‘the’ or named after a color either. Basically that down south grimey funk stuff…there are some real afficionados here so I welcome all recommendations!

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If you don’t mind going back in time a little, try some Grand Funk Railroad or Canned Heat, both Vietnam-era rock bands with that ragged, unproduced sound Keys did especially well on “Thickfreakness.”

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here’s a few that come to mind:
jon spencer blues explosion
the kills
r.l. burnside
gun club
flat duo jets
(that’s just off the top of my head) ... have fun… hope you discover some great new music!

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VooDoo Johnson
The Dana Fuchs Band
The Black Crowes have reunited and are doing some great stuff, as well.

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Lots of older stuff out there. A good bad now playing: Widespread Panic.

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Wolfmother, whom I stumbled upon by asking a very similar question

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Awesome-Thanks everyone-I knew you would come through! Now I definitely have some ‘homework’ to do so off to Rhapsody to do some studying! Cheers :)

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Hound Dog Taylor.

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Black Mountain
The Black Angels
Blues Explosion
Tapes ‘n Tapes
R.L. Burnside
Black Lips,
My Morning Jacket
Eagles Of Death Metal
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
The Bees
Stephen Malkmus
Drive-By Truckers

the complete list of similar artists to The Black Keys:

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Thanks sea_shell and welcome to Fluther!

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