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Opera RC does not list unite in panel?

Asked by atlantis (1862points) August 28th, 2009

I just heard about the new cloud-computing service by Opera called Unite. You down load it from the Opera labs page. I installed it. It was working with my old Opera. The same day, I installed Opera 10 release candidate. But that does not show Unite in the panels. The Unite video is a demo on this new release so I know it’s compatible. I’ve tried un-installing the old Opera but whenever I try to download the Unite MSI build, it automatically installs the last version that I uninstalled. It’s very annoying and now I have two versions of Opera on my computer. Here’s the link

Please help before I go crazy!

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If you have the same computer I have, use eRecovery to switch your computer settings back to the original settings from the day it was bought. I know it isn’t the best of ideas, but it always works. (If you don’t have eRecovery, you might have a different type of recovery program/option in your computer?)

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