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How do I connect a domain name to a static IP address?

Asked by thegodfather (750points) March 27th, 2008

I’ve got a Mac OS X server connected to a static IP address. I can access the address from anywhere, which tells me it’s working right. But I want to point a domain name to it. I’ve tried to wrap my head around DNS and all that, but am at a loss for where to start or how to proceed. Oh, and I don’t want to do a redirect… It’s gotta be the real deal.

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you gotta register the DNS name with a domain and update it with your IP, if im understand your question correctly.

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I think the domain was purchased through GoDaddy. So, how do I register the DNS—I haven’t seen anything like this in their system…

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you would go to godaddy and register it there, i believe.

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You can go to and do a whois search on the domain you want. If it is registered, there will be a listing for who owns the domain and the registrar. If it was registered with godaddy, either by you or your company there will be a listing for it. If not you can check the list of registrars and pick one to register your domain name and point and IP address at it. Generally if your ISP gives you a static IP, they’ll do the DNS registration as well.

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Whoever (godaddy?) registered the domain name will expect some hosting info.
Get on the admin site and change the host, or call ‘em up.

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