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What's a good good yoga DVD?

Asked by robhaya (999points) January 18th, 2008

I’m looking for some recommendations on a good basic yoga DVD’s to buy. I’m new to yoga and want a DVD that progresses from basic moves to more intermediate moves. So I don’t get bored real quickly. My goals are to be more flexible for golf, better posture, and relaxed.


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Rodney Yee makes a wide range of good yoga videos that I have used. You can find them on his website right, but I’m sure shopping around will help:

Once you learn the positions, you can start changing your routine and not necessarily follow the routine in the video.

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DVD’s are great for home use, and Rodney Yee does have some good ones. is a great resource as well. It has a list of poses along with detailed instructions on how to get into it, what part of the body it helps, beginners’ tips, etc. Look at this one for example:, which focuses on the upper back and helps with sciatica.

Also, I would strongly encourage you to take a few classes with a qualified instructor (not usually found at the gym). They can see if you are doing the poses in such a way that you will not injure yourself. Good yoga classes aren’t necessarily cheap (usually $10 to $20 each), but it is well worth it to take at least a few in the beginning.

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