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How do you know if you have an oral fixation?

Asked by Facade (22920points) August 30th, 2009

That’s basically it.

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i have no idea.

but follows with baited breathe

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What do you think one is? You mean in the strict Freudian sense, of having fixated at the oral stage of development? You would need psychoanalysis to answer that question, and you would need to believe in its tenets.

Do you mean you like to chew stuff? You like big tits? You eat too much? What do you mean?

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I’m following, as well, lol.

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Freud’s theories have been disproven, so don’t worry about it… you’re normal!

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@pdworkin “I’m unsure” would be the answer to all of your questions. I was just wondering because I go through packs of gum a day. I don’t really even know what an oral fixation is lol
@BBSDTfamily all righty then

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@BBSDTfamily Where did you get that bit of misinformation?

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@Facade Quit worrying and enjoy your gum.

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the muscles in my jaw are hurting because i chew so much or i grind my teeth too much. whatever it is, i am in alot of pain and taking advil.

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Talk to a dentist if you’re bruxing. It sounds like plain old anxiety to me. What are you anxious about? School? Work? Love life?

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If you find yourself putting random things in your mouth like hair and pencils and biting fingernails. But chewing gum is actually healthy. An ingredient called something like xylitol is supposed to make your teeth strong and prevent oral cancer. And it gives you a nice sculpted face.

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I know its not my teeth, i know its my muscles.

I have anxiety disorder, and i have been taking effezor. I am anxious about anything and everything.

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There really isn’t much evidence to suggest that an oral fixation is a real thing, but according to Freud, an oral fixation is caused by a lack of breast-feeding as a baby and it’s characterized by desire for oral stimulation that exceeds that of a normal person, such as smoking cigarettes, overeating, biting fingernails, etc.

A test was once taken to see if the amount of breastfeeding did affect smoking habits and it didn’t support Freud’s hypothesis.

All I know is I’ve been biting my fingernails forever. I don’t really know why. I don’t think it was from a lack of breast-feeding.

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Well, have you got dentures? Do you use Fixodent? Seems to me it’s pretty straight forward.

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Some people are fidgety with their hands, you’re just fidgety with your mouth! Unless it’s causing you jaw (or other) pain, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. :)

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@augustlan sometimes my jaw hurts, but sometime everything hurts. I was just curious :)

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@Facade I feel your pain. Ouch!

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Get that out of your mouth this instant! (if you took something out.. you have it)

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Hi all
well according to my own experience, I have always felt the urge to have something in my mouth since I was a kid, whether my thumbs, my blanket, my fingernails (until my 35years), my dolls, then I grew older and it was lollipops, chewing gum, pencils, then food and cigarettes, liquor (I am still smoking, tried to quit but increased my weight almost 20 pounds, liquor I am controlling it, I always struggle with diets) etc
When I started my sexual life, what I liked the most from the start always turned around kissing (mouth and body) and fellatio of my partner.
0n the other hand, due to an event occurred in my childhood (I was 8 when I was molested by a teenager girl in my building, we were friends and she helped me out with my homework ), due to conservative environment I have buried that event but I am now exploring my bisexuality, only had an experience as a grown up and often surprise myself almost drooling when I see a mum breastfeeding her baby anywhere… it is not lust, no hunger either…all I know is I have to run for a cigarette and or a chocolate bar…pathetic huh?
I am 40 yo and divorced, no kids… (Main reason for my divorce… my hubby kept complaining I was literally obsessed with sex and mostly with giving him oral sex or kissing and I preferred to end that relationship because it was leading nowhere)...I am clearly stuked in the oral phase… I am what can be called a FREAK…
In this redefinition of my personality I have asked my mum and grandma upfront and they both told me mum only tried once to breastfeed me but as it was far too difficult (mum was very spoiled), so she quit on trying and preferred giving me feeding bottle…
So yes I do believe in those stages, mind me I am a living proof (I hope that my answer is helpful),,, as I am far too scared to go through a psychoanalysis, this what I just said has been a result of a process of thoughts, deep reflections and research during the last 20 years… and wow, it is the first time I see a logic now…. thank you guys for reading…. it is said that to recognize a problem is also making the first step toward its solution, now I begin to understand why my relationships have failed, why so many character traits, it is not about blaming on my mum, but about assuming a new attitude toward life)..—-
if there‚Äôs any mother out there reading this, the best advice I can offer is please do not cease to breastfeed your child until doctor says so, not by whim…
Thanks again guys :)
Mme Butterfly

p.s. sorry for the typos

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