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Does anyone have any good suggesstions for bridal shower/ kitchen tea party games?

Asked by Sariperana (1447points) August 31st, 2009

Im organising a kitchen tea/ bridal shower on the weekend and am a bit stumped for games – any suggestions?

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Get 2 packs of cards.

Buy some cheap but useful items… like bubble bath, fancy comb, body spray, lip blam, key rings, pens etc… (have a few mystery gifts wrapped up… some good some not so good)
Depending on how many guests place a number of the items in a line along the middle of the room (if you have 20 guests about 10 items)

Share out ONE pack amongst guests

Call out a card using the 2ND deck ie Ace of Diamonds

Whoever has the Ace of Diamonds can come and choose a gift from the middle

Continue calling cards and corresponding card owners choose a gift.

Once gifts have run out, your guests can then “pinch” items from other people.

Continue calling cards, once the last card has been called, whatever your guests have left in their hand they get to keep.

We played this heaps at family Christmas parties when we were little and loved it, in fact we all still do and we are full grown adults now :)


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My sudggesstion is.The theater.Make a good enviroment to let the gests feel new.The theater can be like/we see eachother at the first time audition-.Try to make good speach.I mean like serious faces and stuff.This can help.If not card tricks can save a situation as add sakura

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There’s a game that I made up, I’ve found it’s good for icebreakers.

Basically, you have a bunch of awkward phrases and you have to roll a dice. The numbers (what you land on) determine what emotion you have to use for your phrase. Then the people have to guess what emotion you were trying to get across.
Like this!

Phrase: I smeared peanut butter on my dog this morning.
Roll: 2 – Romantic

The possibilities are endless.

1 – Goofy
2 – Romantic
3 – Mysterious
4 – Creepy
5 – Angry
6 – Sad

You can substitute those for anything.
Yes, it’s kind of stupid, maybe not apropos for this party, but I thought I’d give it a shot.

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