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Care to share random ghost stories?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (23661points) February 17th, 2014

I’m in the mood for ghost stories today, so can anyone tell me a ghost story? Haunted buildings, strange phenomenons, ghost vehicles, true ghost stories… anything!

Note: you must not just post a link to the stories and just ask me to go there and read. I want to hear stories right here. If the story is just too long to post, you can post the link and write a brief (but informative) summary below.

Turn off the light, put on candles, and let the ghost party begin!

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Hm…well, this didn’t happen to me. It’s a story about my half sister’s aunt’s house. I always got a creepy feeling in there, even before hearing about the stuff that went on. Your basic “haunted house” noises – creaking, footsteps, etc. – along with full-body apparitions seen by multiple people and even sounds caught on tape. I listened to one recording in which my sister’s cousin was sitting on a recliner eating breakfast and watching cartoons while her mom was getting ready for work. There was a line of picture frames set up on the coffee table. The girl said she watched as one of the picture frames lifted up in mid-air and then flew backwards toward her, knocking down all of the frames behind it. You can hear this happening on the tape. I also recall seeing a picture of my sister’s oldest cousin when he was a baby in the tub, with a big cloudy area above his head. You could distinctly see the outline of a face in the cloud.

Oh, I thought of another one. That same sister had a friend who was convinced she has a poltergeist situation going on. When she was younger, she’d always have experiences like walking into the kitchen and finding all the cabinets open and food all over the floor. She’d often hear her name being yelled into her ear when no one else heard anything. And whatever it was followed her wherever she went, so it wasn’t a haunted house situation. I was young when I heard about this, so I’m not sure of all that many details. I do remember that weird things happened at our house when she was staying with us – we’d hear the shower running when no one was in that part of the house, channels would change randomly on the TV when we were in clear sight of the remote, etc. I also always had a strange feeling that I was being watched whenever I was lying in bed at night. I even had dreams about an old woman standing in my doorway more than once. Once I was walking with this friend and my sister from our house to the car on the way to the mall and I remember hearing her yell “ow!” and then hearing something hit the ground behind us. It was a brush that I remembered her leaving inside on the couch after getting ready. No one was home with us, but she said it was as if the brush was thrown at her from behind. She was pretty freaked out for the rest of the day.

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I truly believe the spirit of your loved ones stays with you, I lost my class ring while sleeping one night and searched my room for months and couldn’t find it anywhere. My class ring is something my father helped me pick out and he was so excited when it came in that he came and got me from work and took me to pick it up that day. I father passed away just a year later after that time when I was 17 and one night while going through everything that was near my bed at the time it went missing I asked him for help finding it. That night I had a dream that it was in a box of pictures I had of my childhood some where pictures of him and the family and in my dream my ring was about ½ way in this huge box of pictures. I always kept them in the closet so when I woke up and remembered the dream I didn’t think it was possible but it was worth the look and sure enough it was exactly where it was in my dream. I was so happy to see it and put it back on the finger it belonged on.

I also talk to my old boyfriend all the time about different things we used to talk about. Before we were together he was my go to friend to ask about men issues and so even not after he has passed away I talk to him again to see what he thinks and if I am doing things right and everytime I talk to him Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol comes on the radio. This song was always playing whenever we were together or during times when I was talking to him and told him this when he was alive. I think its his way of telling me he is with me when it plays now. He was one who when he was dying insisted I not be alone and that I should date and meet someone new so he is who I talk to and get his opinion about things even now when I like someone. I think he appoves of the person I like now becasue I have been hearing this song all the time lately even my 5 year old who never chooses this song to play chose it right after I was talking to him about this person.

I don’t think of ghosts as people who want to haunt you but are people who are around you to help guide you when you still need them.

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@creative1: does “the spirit of your loved ones” at least have the courtesy to look away when you are sitting on the toilet?

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As I have written before, my aunt killed herself a few years back.
A neighbor and friend of hers was talking to her husband, when she suddenly felt something bumping her. She looked around, and saw nothing, and commented about it to her husband.
When my Aunt was found, they estimated her time of death at about the same time as the neighbor and friend felt the bump.

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Well, my house is over 100 years old. Not long after we moved in, at about 4:00 a.m. I heard the kids stomping about up stairs. Wondered what the hell they were doing! I went up….and they were in bed, fast asleep. After I’d gone through this a couple of mornings, I just ignored it….and I’d hear the stomping about upstairs, then I could hear someone coming down the stairs, also stomping like they had heavy boots on. I finally decided it was the farmer who originally built the house and he was coming down to milk the cows every morning. Got so as I didn’t even notice it any more.

A couple of weeks ago though, it sounded like all hell broke loose up stairs. The dogs heard it to, and ran to the stairs and peered up. I just figured the farmer was pissed off about something. Well, turns out we’d actually had an earthquake. Just not the first logical explanation you’d think of in Kansas though, ya know.

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My husband believes he saw the ghost of his friend’s dead father (who had committed suicide in the house when hubby and his friend were about 5) when he was showering in his friend’s bathroom while everyone else was away from the house. He says he brought it up to his friend’s mom, and she brushed it off like “Of course! He’s always around!”

*shrug * It was so long ago and he has retold the story so many times who knows how much truth is left to it? I wasn’t there, and cannot comment on the situation.

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When I was a child, we lived in an old house. I wasn’t old enough to remember it, but I’ve heard the stories from my mom. They would hear someone running up the basement stairs and jiggling the door knob. When they would open the door, nobody was there. They had the same problem with the attic stairs. They would hear boxes falling down the stairs but there wasn’t anything there when they opened the door. When my mom was doing laundry, the kids would play in the basement. Apparently, there was a cold spot and we would never go near it. One day while folding laundry, mom said she had the weirdest feeling of someone standing behind her. She was so scared, she couldn’t move for several minutes. When it let up, she ran upstairs and left the laundry. After that she wouldn’t go back down alone.The strangest phenomena was the night my grandma had been sick. My mom was with a friend in the kitchen and they thought my grandma walked by to get some cigarettes. Mom told her friend that grandma must be feeling better and was going to check on her. My grandma hadn’t gotten out of bed.

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My hubby’s grandfather had been sick and passed away. With the upheaval, they hadn’t had a chance to tell the neighbors. A day or so later, my father-in-law went next door to tell them. Before he could say anything the neighbor told him that he had seen his father standing at the upstairs window and was glad to see he was feeling better. For some reason, their 2 dogs never went upstairs by the bedrooms again.

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@bolwerk man I certainly hope so

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I’m haunted by the walls of text looming overhead! ;-o

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I was about 9 years old when my grandma passed away. I was very close to her – as her first born grandchild.
Usually when we visited my Grandmother’s house (in another town 2 hours north of our town) my sister and I slept in the guest room with two twin beds. However, on the night before Grandma’s funeral for some reason my mom put me to bed in Grandma’s big bed and then went to tuck my sister in. I fell asleep, but felt my mom climb into bed and snuggle me sometime late in the night.

The next morning I woke up alone in the big bed and went downstairs to find my mom and sister. When I came down to breakfast I asked my mom if she had started using the same face cream (Oil of Olay) that grandma used.
She looked at me very confused and said no.. And I said: “Well, when you climbed into bed and hugged me last night I smelled Grandma’s face cream.” My mom quietly began to cry and said: “I slept in the twin bed next to Uncle B’s room last night..I never went back in the room after I tucked you in.”
To this day I believe that Grandma gave me one last cuddle that night.

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I was 9 years old and I attended my grandmothers funeral , and I got alcohol poisoning from unattended wine ... I got very very cold and I went into my grandmothers bed and I went under the covers… I survived I think from my grandmas presence.

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Here’s my turn:

- One day I stayed at my aunt’s house. At night I overheard her chatting with her friends. I forgot most of what they said, but there was one particular story I still remember. It was about some kind of “coincidence”. An old woman they knew died the day before, but just after her death one of their friends gave birth to a child unexpectedly. One of my aunt’s friends poked a question: “Is that just a coincidence or is that child really the afterlife of that woman?”

- When I was 16 my grandfather was struck with an advanced cancer. At the hospital every doctor agreed that there was no way he could be cured and they sent him back home, along with necessary equipment. At the same time I had to prepare for a very important entrance exam to the university. The strange thing no one could explain was that even though grandpa’s state of health was critical and he was in sub-concious state most of the time, he just did not die. And after I passed the exam my family quickly rushed to his place to tell the news. There were some relatives there at that time and they told us grandpa was not conscious enough to hear anything. But when I told him the news, he made an awkward but cheerful gesture in front of everyone’s eyes! The day after he died. Until now everyone keep telling me that: “Your grandpa tried his best to live just to hear that news.” But no one can explain how he could do that.

- Regarding my grandpa (again), there was a time after his death when I had to take another important exam. I came to his altar and pray for my success. After the exam I visited grandma. She told me one of her winter flower had bloomed, even though that was still summer. I passed the exam with maximum score that day. Grandma always mention about the incident as: “Your grandpa was there with you in the exam room, then he made the flower bloom as a signal.”

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I can’t give you a ghost story, but there’s one anomalous event that stands out to me in my life. My mother actually dreamt about the death of my brother two weeks before it happened. She dreamt about how he died, where and even the events that followed his death. The only difference was that it was me she dreamt about dying in the dream, not him. The dream upsetted my mom so much that she disclosed it to quite a few of her co-workers right after she had it.

Ironically the phone at my house kept ringing several times a day shortly after my brother’s death, and so did my mom’s, with all of a single number like all 5’, 0’s or 9’s showing up on my caller id. When I would answer calls from these types of phone numbers I would hear nothing but white noise. The calls continued for several days until after his funeral ironically, and then they completely stopped.

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I’m so sorry to hear about your brother, @Paradox25.

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@Paradox25 You said you don’t have any ghost stories, but so far your story is one of the scariest I’ve read here.

Better turn on all the light and plug out the telephone tonight…

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@Dutchess_III Thanks, but this happened more than ten years ago so I have moved on with my life since then.

@Mimishu1995 These events are what started to motivate me to take interest in spiritual concepts. I was a diehard sceptic up to that point. Religion simply was not giving me any answers, but it’s also easy to get lost in the new age jungle too.

I had found brilliant secular afterlife researchers such as Findlay, Doyle, Crookall and Roy to likely have the most accurate accounts of what happens to ‘us’ when we pass on, if you’re open to the survival hypothesis that is (which I obviously am). After reading these books I was shocked to learn that it is common for the deceased person to hang around their loved ones, and view their own funerals before crossing over into the light. I did find this odd considering that the phone calls stopped after the funeral.

These were not the end of odd events in my life concerning ghosts or paranormal occurances, but I’ll stop here with the above. They say that spirits that have not crossed over into the next dimension are considered ghosts, so maybe this was a ghost story after all.

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What happened to your brother?

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My dad died a few years back. Mom and dad had acted as babysitters for and practically raised both my sisters daughter and her granddaughter.

Shortly after the funeral and burial, my sister took my mom and her granddaughter (my sisters daughters child, not moms) out to the cemetery to put flowers on the grave. As they left, my grand niece, who was two at the time, turned around and began waving and talking animatedly in her two year old language. It kind of upset my sister because it was obvious she was talking to someone and that it was someone she was very familiar with. She is convinced that it was dad.

A few days later they were in my parents house and her granddaughter crawled up in dads chair and began talking and carrying on like dad was in the chair with her, just like she had done when he was alive. That really creeped my sister out but her granddaughter just acted as if it were the most natural thing in the world; like great granddad was still there and nothing had changed.

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Back in the early eighties, I went back to graduate school. My wife and I had a young son, about two years old and so between work, and being a family man, the only study time I had was from 10 pm onward. One evening, while pouring over the books and beginning the composition of a paper for an anthropology course, I was dragging and wondering why I even bothered when, while rubbing my eyes, I heard my grandmother say “You look tired John” and I answered her saying “Yes, I am but I have to finish this tonight”. Then I looked around in wonder. Nothing too unusual about this except my grandmother had died about five years earlier and had lived in England while I was here in Texas and to top it off, I had seen her exactly twice since 1965, the latest time being in the early 70’s BUT, I knew it was her. I recognized her voice and had heard the same concerns about my health way back when. There is not a doubt in my mind that she saw me, saw my situation and spoke to me that evening. It gave me a warm and pleasing feeling to know that, even after death, she was there with me and concerned about my welfare.

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I was woken in the middle of the night by my brother….

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….he told me he was just murdered

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I looked out the window and saw someone watching me….

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….I live on the 13th floor

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There was an old woman who lived alone, she had no family still living and her only friend was a little white dog who went everywhere with her – with one exception. The dog loved the fireplace in winter, and after the old woman went to bed he would sometimes go and lie in front of the warm coals. Usually though, the dog lay on a rug right next to the bed.

The woman wouldn’t allow the dog on the bed with her, but if she became frightened or had a nightmare, she would put her hand down to her little white dog and he would lick it reassuringly.

One night she was reading the newspaper just before going to sleep. She shivered and pulled the duvet up around her as she read that a mental patient had wandered off from a nearby hospital. No one knew if the patient was dangerous or not, but he was a suspect in the murders of several women who lived alone.

The woman turned out the lights and tried to sleep, but she was frightened, and tossed and turned fitfully. Finally, she reached down to where her little white dog slept. Sure enough, a warm, wet tongue began to lick her hand. The woman felt reassured and safe, and left her hand dangling off the side of the bed. As she turned to settle in comfortably she opened her eyes for a moment and looked through the open door into the living room.

There in front of the fireplace, sat her little white dog, gazing at the coals and wagging his tail.

And down beside her bed, something was still licking her hand.

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Once there was a man and his wife, one day his wife fell critically ill, she died a few days later, the man was told that it would be best to bury her immediately due to the heat, so he did just that. 1 week later, many other people fell ill with the same symptoms, seeming to be dead, but recovered a few days later, the woman’s still grieving husband instantly realised that his wife was never actually dead. He immediately ordered her coffin to be dug up, and when he opened it he saw his wife, cut, scratched and bloodied, her nails where broken and bleeding from trying to claw her way out, but she was now consequently dead.

This story is in fact true, or at lest a far as the stories about the doll made of her are true…

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