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How do I hang out with people that I kind of know?

Asked by smile1 (493points) September 1st, 2009

Well, schools starting in a couple days, and its going to be my second year at this same school. Last year, I didnt really “hang” out with people. I mean, sure I had a great time, but like for lunch and during breaks, I just went home.

The friends I have are pretty chill, and sometimes awkward, but I have no idea how to say I want to eat lunch with y’all or something…I dont really have classes with them, and dont know where they go for lunch either…

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When you see one of them, ask them what lunch shift they have. If it is the same as yours, ask if they want to go together to eat lunch. Then you can discuss whether the cafeteria, off-campus, or a bag-lunch picnic is the best choice.

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The group is kind of tight knit, and have been best friends since forever… would that still work?

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Do you have a best friend? If not, be your own till you find one, then things should branch out from there. As long as you stay in school and don’t do drugs.

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Ask the person in the group that you are most comfortable with if you can have lunch with them this year since you won’t be going home. If they say, “Sure,” ask the details of time and place for meeting.

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lol bud just ask, just say “mind if I sit with you during lunch today?’ it’s pretty simple.

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Take something you’d like to talk about, and maybe a friend you already know, to the table. The first thing you should always do when finding new friends is have a good conversation that doesn’t leave anyone out. For example, if you’re the only one who knows MySQL and noone else even knows what that means, then don’t talk about it (unless they seem willing to learn).

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they way you all answer is like its a stupid question. haha.

i just dont know why i feel weird asking them. hahahaah :D thanks for giving me those tips! i will definitaly try! :P

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I don’t think anyone here thinks this is a stupid question. It is just when folks have more experience they don’t mind sharing. Most of us have found out the answers the hard way.

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haha. ok. :)

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@smile1 lol sorry if my answer came off that way, no question is ever stupid, it’s just that a lot of us, like Darwin said, have learned the hard way, I was really shy when I first started highschool my freshmen year because I went from a small, private catholic school to a large public school, so it was a little bit of a culture shock, and I missed out on some things that year because it took me a while to adjust, but then I learned that if you just calm down a little, stop worrying about the tiny things, life gets a lot easier at that age, so you shouldn’t worry about sounding weird or anything, you won’t, a vast majority of people are eager to make new friends, they, like you, just are a little shy and worried about being turned down, just relax and have as good a time as you can, while still getting your work done, remember ;).

Remember, the only thing one will ever truly regret in life is not taking chances.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 thanks for the great insight!

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It breaks down like this the uglier you are the richer and funnier you have to be.

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@smile1 , question is but question is when you gonna talk about during the lunch time?

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what im going to talk about??

i dont know…haha. whatever happens happens. :)

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