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One musican and their performance; what was the best that you'd ever seen/heard (more inside)

Asked by Jude (32098points) September 2nd, 2009

Be it guitarist, drummer or any other instrument (not talking vocals, though) – who was the musician and what was the song/piece that they played. Did you see them perform live?

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For me, it was Danny Carey of Tool (saw them at Lollapalooza). Ridiculously good.

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Michael Shrieve’s drum solo on Soul Sacrifice at Woodstock. And no, I didn’t see it live, but I still will pop in that DVD just to watch that part. Amazing.

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I saw a local band Tyler Read live at a very very small venue before they “made it” as a band.

They were incredibly raunchy and energetic. I have never seen a better live performance. Their recordings, however, don’t seem to capture that same energy and enthusiasm.
But as a live band, they were simply amazing to me.

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I just Youtubed that and wow…that’s an amazing drum solo.

And he was 19 when he did that?! Whaaaaaaatttt?!

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@Insomnia – Yes. I know. He was the youngest performer at Woodstock. I’m glad I could pass on that that was the Mike Shrieve performance! People ask me who my favorite drummer is, and I tell them Mike Shrieve. They look at me like I’m crazy. Now you know. ;-)

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When Winds of Plague were opening for Danzig/Dimmu, all I could concentrate was on the keyboardist. The music SUCKED , but damn, that keyboardist was hot and she was the only redeeming merit for that band. If only she went topless…

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Ben Folds. Though he is a singer, his performances contain much of his amazing skills as a pianist. I’ve seen him live twice. Once was just him and his piano, and the other was with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Both were fantastic in different ways. There was no single piece that sticks out in my mind, but his excellent piano skills are in all the pieces.

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Virgil Fox playing Bach on the 5 keyboard pedal organ. Amazing.

Jimi Hendrix playing Purple Haze. Mind blowing.

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You saw Jimi?!

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Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails, Webster Hall, 8.23.2009

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You saw Trent?!

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Being a drummer I have always appreciated this drum solo the solo lasts about 90% of the track, sadly I was maybe 3 when it happened and on the other side of the Atlantic

Sorry just realised that clip never gets to the end.

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Les Claypool at Red Rocks.
It was neat.

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This is going to sound bragging a bit, but the first time I saw my son in concert knocked my socks off. He was in highschool and the local churches were having a “battle of the bands.” Landon had some how finagled his way into being the last band to play. ( He’s sneaky like that. )
I suffered through all this awful Metal music that just sounded like noise to me. (I really like words and I couldn’t understand a word they said.)
I was pretty frazzled when Landon’s band finally played.
They started to sing and the entire mood of the venue changed. People started paying attention and they got encore requests and standing ovations. I was blown away. I knew I thought he was good, but he’s my kid, I am supposed to think he’s good. It was a great feeling to know that others appreciated him as much as I do.
He says that because I was the first person to put a guitar in hid hands he will only play music that be can play in front of his mom.
He’s a good kid.

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Bob Weir, Keller Williams, and the guys from String Cheese Incident performing “I Know You Rider” the last song of the night at Red Rocks, July 2006. It was misting a little and we had seen a great lightning show that night. When Bobby sang the line about shining his light through the cool colorado rain, I think everyone in the place felt shivers.

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Eric Clapton on MTV Unplugged.

Tears in Heaven

This is the song he wrote for his five year old son who died in a tragic accident. He never planned to sing it but his manager strongly suggested he include it so he did.

You can still catch it on
YouTube but the first time was really incredible. No one expected it. Breathtaking. So sad but so beautiful.

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Andres Segovia playing live in Houston on his 76th birthday. Amazing.

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I’ve been to dozens, maybe even hundreds of live rock shows. I like harder music a bit more than the lighter stuff, so for me, a live performance is about intensity, and I’ve seen many intense shows. For example, back in 1993, I saw Pantera and Megadeth co-headlining with the then little known White Zombie opening, and the show was positively intense. In fact, I saw Pantera several times after that as well…once with White Zombie and the Def Tones, once as part of Ozzfest with Sabbath, Ozzy, Type O Negative, Marilyn Manson, Fear Factory and Coal Chamber, once with Black Sabbath and Incubus and I believe at least one other time. They were probably my favorite band to see live, it was no holds barred aggression and power, and I saw many great performances. Perhaps taking the mantle from them would be Slipknot whom I saw once at another Ozzfest, right after Mudvayne, and just before Black Label Society, Union Underground, Crazy Town, Disturbed, Ozzy and Black Sabbath. I’ve seen many, many heavy, ear splitting concerts, all which were very intense and amazing.

But there are three shows, none of which is nearly as loud as any of these which stand out in my memory. The first I’ll mention is the White Stripes. I was positively in awe of how two people could get up there and make such a ruckus, while invoking some really old school blues and garage rock. They had this raw, pulsating feel about them, the whole show seemed alive with electricity, and the venue was rather small. This was on 4th of July weekend in 2003, and they played for like 2½ hours, did something like 30+ songs and were just relentless. Their sound was at the same low down and dirty, and utterly pristine, like you’d hear on record (vinyl though, not CD). Some of the more intense moments were when they slowed it down in fact. I can’t imagine a song that they didn’t play that they should have, they just gave a show that was a 10 out of 10, something I will remember for the rest of my life. It was a show so impressive that I sought out a bootleg of it so I can relisten any time I want to, and I still get chills.

To mellow it out even more, I live in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, and here, it’s all about Prince. Now I’ve seen Prince twice, the second time was on 07/07/07, it was his homecoming show, there were actually 3 shows he did that day, but I went to the main one, and I was not disappointed. The only disappointment were the acoustics in the Target Center, a building better suited for ball games than concerts, but he was deadly spot on with his music. He also played for 2½ hours, ripping through about 30 songs, including songs from his Purple Rain days that he hadn’t played in years. And then he brought out his friends…Wendy Melvoin from the Revolution joined him. As did Sheila E. And there were others…..he just gave the show every Prince fan ever DREAMED of seeing. It may not have ripped my face off, but the intensity was far greater than ANYTHING I ever saw Pantera do.

But the #1 show in the annals of all the shows I’ve ever seen was June 16, 1999, it was the first time I saw Elvis Costello perform live. I loved his early new wave work, I really liked some of his mid to late 80s work, and I had basically a greatest hits CD that I’d listened to over and over and over and was in awe of his range. But I had no idea at that time the depth of his work. Right now in my collection, I have everything he’s ever done (I was so impressed by his show that I had to fill my collection), and he basically re-released all his albums prior ot the mid 90s to include a second entire bonus disc of material…all told I have over 50 Costello discs, not counting bootlegs…he is THAT prolific. But the depth of material was not what really got me. He came out, and it was him, a guitar, and his pianist Steve Nieve who’s been with him since the formation of the Attractions in the late 70s. And the two of them did an entirely acoustic set, which went over 2½ hours, I believe 35 songs and they were all incredibly moving. NEVER have I been at a concert where there was dead silence during the silent parts of the song. The audience was transfixed….I was almost shaking when I left, the show was just so impressive, startlingly raw and full of emotion and energy…it was by far the single most intense concert experience I, the rocker dude, have ever seen. I have since seen Costello with the Imposters in a live indoor show, doing a face to face show with Jazz legend Allen Toussaint, playing with a full orchestra backing him, and at a huge outdoor festival where all he played was the hits. Each show was different and each show had a completely different set list. All were amazing, but it was that first concert which I doubt will ever be matched. This too I have a CD of which I protect as if it were made of gold.

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Dale, I wish that I could give multiple lurve for that. GA.

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Having been at these shows was reward enough!

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This song performed by Perry Farrell and Ice-T at the first Lollapalooza in 1991.

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I saw Frank Zappa live in 1976, when he was performing the music from this album. Also performing with him on this tour were drummer Terry Bozzio, Keyboardist/Violinist Eddie Jobson, bassist Patrick O’Hearn, and saxophonist Michael Brecker. All of these musicians, particularly Bozzio, are among the very best of their time. Zappa completely blew me away with his guitar solos on “Punky’s Whips” and “Cruisin for Burgers,” and the repartee between him and Bozzio on “Titties ‘n Beer” still gets me in stitches. This was easily the best concert I’ve ever seen.

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Aw man, I wish I saw Zappa
That man was a genius

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There are too many to name just one: The Foo Fighters, Seether, KoRn, Sevendust, No Doubt, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cottonmouth Kings, 311, DMB, Santana, Lynrd Skynrd, The Smashing Pumpkins, AC/DC, The Presidents of the United States of America, Jimmy Eat World, Pearl Jam… the list goes on.

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If we’re talking about bands my answer would be different. I’ve written about that before. But if we’re talking about one single musician playing alone, it would be a tie between Andrew Bird and Elvis Costello. Each was playing alone.

Andrew Bird is just flat-out amazing with his live looping. I’d never seen anything like that before. The man is worth seeing repeatedly anytime he’s performing within a few hours of where I am.

Elvis Costello was on the bill at Bumbershoot and even though it didn’t say his band would be with him I sort of expected there to be a band. When he came out and played the first number alone, just him and his guitar, it was great. By the second song I forgot he wasn’t being accompanied and it didn’t matter. He didn’t need anyone else on that stage with him. I’d pay to see him again and again as well. With a band. Without a band. In a house. With a mouse. :^>

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Iggy Pop’s 60th birthday show.

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@hungryhungryhortence – I saw Iggy a couple times, once was a huge outdoor festival with like 25 bands over two days in rural Wisconsin. It was at night and people were lighting fires to stay warm (it was Memorial Day weekend which is still pretty cool in these parts). He was commenting on how cool it was to look out into the Wisconsin wilderness at night with little fires burning everywhere. It was a really trippy experience.

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neil young just a man and his guitar

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mike muir of suicidal tendencies. the whole band was great but he just puts on a great show.

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Brian May – Bohemian Rhapsody

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