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D-D-D-Dang....did y'all know the Fluther founders are hotties?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) September 3rd, 2009

How dare I not be alerted of this. Thoughts please.

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Oh, yes they are. It almost makes me want to mail them with a ‘problem’, LOL. ’-)

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Say “Fluther founders fast five times” fast five times.

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We can only speculate what the effects could be of combining their hotness into one form, the Bendrew often mentioned, would be!

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Grumpyfish says:

Of course—why do you think so many folks fluther to them?

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They are cute, certainly, but a bit young for me.

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Ohhhh mannnn, dynamicduo…that almost made muh head essplode.

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@Bri_L That’s impossible to say.

Try this one:
Three witches watch three Swatch watches. Which witch watches which Swatch watch?

edit:: As for the question I won’t say anything, since I’m a guy

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it’s a cover – they’re really crab people, sent to take over the dry land and make us all their slaves.

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You should see the Fluther administrators ;)

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Well, besides being cute, Ben’s smart, too. He suggested to me to ditch IE & get on Firefox which I did. Some of the best info I’ve ever gotten. :-)

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No offense to Ben and Andrew but their looks do nothing for me. Sorry.

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@AstroChuck Well, that’s GOOD news, LOL.

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I counted two subtle sexual orientation jabs in this question, can you find more?

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Just sort of wondering—how can you tell? That they are hotties, I mean.

Hmmm. Just noticed that hottie rhymes with potty. Does that mean anything?

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Personally, I’ve seen their pictures. That’s how I know.

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I’m not that good looking, but my twin brother is HOT!

At least according to all the girls in high school who wanted to know if he was dating someone.

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@Bri_L I must disagree. :-)

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hehe. Well it is easy to see your NUTS!

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@Bri_L Could be. But I’m still right.

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What’s he have against opening his mouth?


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A thinly veiled attempt to get on the founders’ good sides.

Why didn’t i think of it ; )

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So are some of the flutherites.

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Gosh. I don’t know what to say. <<blushes>>

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But some of us are dogs.

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And others asses!

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And some of us are nuts!

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I cover my face with a metal mask.

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The crab people’s plan is working… oh a tennis ball!

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Don’t let them fool you. This is the real Ben and Andrew during their early years. A special time when they both discovered their love of interpersonal communication.

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