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Would you date a co-worker?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14629points) September 3rd, 2009

This isn’t asking “would you have sex with a co-worker?”.

If you felt a connection, would you go for it, knowing such an act could be detrimental to your work life?

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Yes; but I would proceed cautiously, and ensure from the outset that we agree to keep a separation of professional and personal business.

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I believe in my line of work (film/TV), hardly anyone dates or marries outside of it. So, sure, I’d date a co-worker.

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Been there, done that. I ended up marrying the guy and covered for him a lot while he goofed off. I was only 20 then. (a Lifetime ago.)

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Yes, but agree with hearkat proceed with caution and keep the professional and personal business seperate.

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Only if company policy allowed it (I’m not really into hiding my relationships and I wouldn’t be cool with risking my job for that), and even then I’d have to think the person was pretty pretty damn great because it just complicates everything if a relationship develops.

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it will be sensational for a while and will really inspire you to not call off sick, you know?

but as the relationship builds, certain work dynamics change. it’s nice to see your mate all day long, but it can create some conflict of work ethics. to bid out to another department or job could be an option. since the love factor has been established, mutually you two should be able to withstand being apart for 8 hours.

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The main reason not to, it seems to me, depends on what you think would happen if the relationship ended in rancor.

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I thought that’s how grownups get married!

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Well, I think it’s easy for me to say yes because I’ve yet to have a “real” job. Nothing substantial, like a career…mainly restaurants.
I have always thought work was a great place to meet someone, but I also know it’s not appropriate in a lot of office settings.
I’m not sure what the protocol will be like once I start my career. I’m already married, so I don’t have to think about it.

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Yes and I have several times. Some environments are fine with it as long as the PDA and relationship drama doesn’t come to work. Other businesses are really strict with co workers dating. Then, there are those people who choose to keep their dating on the hush no matter what the stance at work because knowledge of the couple invites attention distracting others from their jobs.

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Married one.

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I married mine. (By the time we got married, we no longer worked together.)

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I guess it could work but it didn’t for me. From last August through February I dated someone at work, we didn’t work together but we worked for the same boss. I didn’t want everyone to know my business so we kept it pretty quiet. When it ended in February he couldn’t move on and kept calling, texting, e-mailing, etc. at home and at work. It seemed to me he was spending more energy trying to get me back than he did when we were together. It was a bad situation and now 6 months later is just starting to get better. I can’t see myself every doing that again.

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I would never let something so small stop me from pursuing what I thought could be a meaningful relationship. I have dated a few coworkers in the past, and it always ended well. My current gf and I worked together for a short period of time, we didn’t see one another enough, in my opinion. There are definite benefits to dating a coworker: you can carpool, and you work the same hours of the day. Just be sure you are both mature enough to handle your work and personal lives appropriately.

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I don’t think you can always know how someone will react to a break up. I sure didn’t expect the guy I was with to act like he has.

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I wouldn’t, but that’s because I had to learn the hard way that co-workers aren’t friends, they’re co-workers, with their own best interests at heart.

But, admittedly, that was at entry-level jobs.

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I did that once. Never again.
We are friends now, but there was a time where she was unhinged!

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I never met anyone during my working years that I would consider dating. I’ve read that there are a lot more problems dating within your workplace.

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Depends on the job and above all the environment (and of course our relationship at work). Is this my secretary? Someone that works a different shift in the same factory? My band’s drummer? The teacher in the classroom next to mine?

And of course, above all, it depends on the co-worker. I’d defnitely go for it if she was worth it, no matter what. But I’d avoid it if I wasn’t sure about her and the whole thing was too complicated. For example, having worked in a school (full of women teachers), I’ve generally avoided dating my co-workers (most of them were married anyway). I’ve only felt the inclination once, and got rejected, and the whole thing was awkward afterwards. But I’m generally friendly with all my co-workers, and if I see one of those relationships moving towards that direction, I certainly won’t stop it.

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One of my immagination is this one.Pull it out straight in work.I mean for sharp

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