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Have any good business ideas?

Asked by limeaide (1906points) September 4th, 2009

Anyone have any good business ideas that you haven’t pursued or maybe have pursued? I’m thinking low capital to no capital ideas here, but really I’d like to hear all that you are willing to share.

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Who’s gonna give up all their good business ideas to someone else?

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my former business process analysis teacher used to say “drugs, weapons, whores”

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Lemonade stand?


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I have one that can go head to head with Ebay.

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You could go to a forum on the net, ask people for their ideas, and then take them and monetize them. How’s that for a start?

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Sell your stuff on eBay.

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All businesses have expenses. Expenses are proportional to the size of the business. Profit is also proportional to the size of the business. A business with little or no capital makes little or no profit.

A business also uses energy to do work to convert one thing into something else.

If your question is serious, and you have little capital, all you have is your own, personal energy. You could carve wood, be a bike messenger, or become a street musician.

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I’m going to start Microsoft.

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@jfos I think you have a great point. My point is if you are not going to do something with the idea why not give it to someone that will. Another point would be if it’s a small business that you wouldn’t franchise why not share that, it’s not like we live in the same town and would be competing?

@pdworkin I thought that’s what I was doing. :) What’s the harm with that anyway.

Overall I believe the world is big enough for people to run the same businesses without taking from the mouths of the person with the original idea. People in general have a scarcity mentality or competition mentality as in if I give you my idea there won’t be enough business left for me to profit off of or if I give you my idea I’m doing nothing with you might make money and I’ll feel bad because I didn’t do anything with it. Plus let’s say you started a business you’d have the advantage of starting first which is very powerful, but if your business is successful people will clone it anyway.

@PerryDolia I am serious. I’m not sure I 100% agree with “A business with little or no capital makes little or no profit.” I could start a service type business with little or no capital but make pretty decent money, some examples would be computer repair business, website design, photography, VA. Some other examples seems like the doggy dooty picker uppers make some good profit, another would be several years ago I know someone that stocked phonecards into vending machines they bought they started with one vending machine then had 20+ and made lots of money.

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I had this idea to write books about stuff people would be interested in. Any subject would be valid.

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Ideas are easy. Execution is hard.

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Ok, you can thank your flawless persuasion for this one. Here’s my idea:

Once marijuana becomes legal in America, open a café called “The Real Green Bean Café”. It would serve typical café items and provide a haven for smoking with hookas, etc.

With the right decor and music, it would be a hit.

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@cwilbur I agree 100%

@jfos Now, I just need to wait. :)

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Yeah I got an idea, 50/50?

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I saw a recent report on the news that people want the old fashion vegetable/fruit truck back in their neighborhood. This is especially in some inner city areas where there are not markets, and the liquor stores do not carry fresh food.

The featured businessman had a deal with the fresh produce mart that he would fill up his truck on a consignment basis (pay later) and he sold out within an hour after his first trip. He had printed up fliers ahead of time, so people knew to watch for his truck.

We have a frozen meat truck that makes the rounds in our neighborhood, and sells meat to people in the neighborhood, sort of like the ice cream truck, only once a month, not every day.

Hey, how about an ice cream truck?

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@YARNLADY Very creative. Nice ideas, thank you!

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an online business would be great. currently i am a full time webmaster,and make enough money

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