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Whats the Best Small Business Idea for a young guy like me?

Asked by espanyol (172points) July 2nd, 2010

Everyday i ask myself this question and try to find the right successful answer , What im looking for is a creative business idea where i can Earn money and provide something new and useful for society?? any suggestions?

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thanks @Ivan , maybe you have ideas where we can cooperate and do business

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Build a self contained nuclear fusion reactor that you can sell commercially so that people can generate free electricity in their basements. Utterly destroy the oil industry, save the environment, and give everyone on earth access to abundant and free electricity!

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@HungryGuy, thanks for your creative and impossible to apply ideas,

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Impossible? Well, I guess you’re right. That aeroplane contraption that those to crazy bicycle mechanics built in their back yard is totally impractical. It can only fly a few hundred feet and carry one person. What practical use will ever come of it? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to take my horse to the blacksmith for a new set of shoes…

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@HungryGuy, didn’t you hear, in two to three years, scientist plan on creating a star here on Earth using very powerful lasers. The hope is that with a contained star here on Earth, it will supply infinite energy for the world to use. So, @espanyol, if you want to steal their thunder, create a star now & get all the fame & glory, so in two-three years, when the scientist finally do it, it will be old news & you are already selling star power…like Mario!

But if you don’t feel safe playing with lasers… it would be nice to tell us what you are good at & enjoy doing, so we know what to recommend. As the phrase goes, ‘If you do what you love, you don’t work a day in your life.’

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Well @rpmpseudonym , your idea seems more profitable.
Referring to your question, Im good at many things, I speak 3 languages, im MIS (Management Information System) graduated, i love analytics and internet. I’ve Good experience in the Media sector.

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Which 3 languages do you speak? & How proficient are you in each?

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My first idea would be for you to sell yourself out for website translation. A lot of companies would like to branch out & offer their websites/products to other countries, but they don’t know how to translate their webpage. You could be the person that translates a webpage. Because we all know, Google’s ‘translate this page’ link doesn’t work worth a damn.

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I recommend the porn industry. Since people are constantly looking for fresh porn, there is always demand for it, and it’s one of the few recession-proof industries. Your best bet is to find a niche too small for the large players to bother with, and then provide top-quality, premium material. The small players in these niches usually get a free ride, so their quality is atrocious. It’s ripe territory for anyone who wants to take it seriously and provide professional-level service and goods.

The best way to start is to explore the online fetish communities and begin seeking out the little niche areas that are underexploited. Putting up another “ZOMG HOT JUICY HOES!!!” site is useless, and will get lost in the sea of mediocre material already out there. Find borderline fetish communities, then spend some time getting to know the darker corners of it. For example, foot fetish is already overserviced, but there are smaller niche communities within it, like the stuckies, furries, and giantess fetishists. And within each of those communities, you have further specializations (ie/ within the furry foot fetish community, you’ll find small niche fetishes like the micro/macrofurs, vore fetishists, scalies, etc.).

Creating quality content can be as simple as rounding up some starving artists and paying them a living wage to populate a website with material the fetishists will not only want, but will be thankful to you for providing, since they have precious little fap material of their own.

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Um…maybe the guy has morals and might want to be able to tell grandma & grandpa about his business. Really.

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@Coloma Excuse me? I happen to be an artist who produces fringe-fetish erotica. Did you just call me immoral for providing a valuable service to consenting adults?

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@Coloma – Excuse me, too! I write erotica, some would call it “porn,” and I have morals! There’s absolutely nothing immoral is what adults do that is peaceful and mutually consensual…

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Become a tour guide specializing in your language skills.

I travelled to asia in Feb. and had a weeknd trip lined up to go to Toroko Natl. park in Hualien Taiwan.

My guide picked me up at the train station, took me to my hotel and then came back for us the next morning for an entire day of sightseeing. He spoke english well and made about $300 for one days work. His tour van and knowledge was his only overhead.

Dependent of course, if your local area has anything of interest to see for travelers. lol

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Chill out dudes…just saying that maaaybe…those suggestions are a bit presumptious for a complete stranger. That is a valid point.

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before this post meant for business ideas gets trampled by this new topic, please, just create a new fluther question on ‘The porn industry & morals’ Thanks I’m on @hungry@smash side, but please, create new post, let’s not take over this one

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@espanyol – And what’s not profitable about my idea? You could sell those puppies for $20K apiece. Who wouldn’t invest $20K for “free” electricity for the rest of their life?

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Pick up left overs from yard sales, collect items from, and gather all the usable items from dumpsters behind college dorms, then open a second hand store. This is especially good for a person who is relatively handy fixing things up.

Rent a nice big yard, move a mobile office (trailer) into it, and start a pet babysitting service, day care only – no overnighters.

Join “IPATA” and start your own pet transport service.

Start a ‘senior service’ directory for people who are trying to find resources for seniors. For an example see the Texas 211 service.

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For some reason, the saying “make a young person president while he still knows everything” comes to mind.

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@espanyol What are your passions? What would you really like to do? Ideas are a dime a dozen. It’s the development and implementation, not to mention the marketing, that become the tricky parts.

Once you know what your passions are then you’ll have a better idea of what skills, training, etc you need and whether or not your current knowledge is sufficient or whether you need to gain more.

Also remember, that once you have implemented your successful idea, then other people will come out of the woodwork and be your competitors. So you’ll need to constantly develop various related areas to stay ahead of the game.

That, too, will test your staying power.

I hope this helps, and I wish you well.

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Find out what you can do that other people need done, and you’re in business.

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It’s just one sentence, but Nullo makes the best point.. all you have to do is, figure out what’s wrong with the world / your city / cars / the internet / donuts / whatever, and come up with a solution. All a business is, is an organization that fulfills a need or want of some sort.

In other words, if people are going to give up hard earned $$, they better have a reason.. the better the reason you give them, the more $$ you make! Just make sure it’s something people are willing to pay for. Extremely valuable things like air, or sunlight, are things that no one is (currently) willing to pay for.

The world is FILLED with problems that people are willing to pay to have solved.. you just have to find a GOOD solution to ONE of those problems and you’re in business. And all a good solution is one that makes sustainable use of the resources that are at your disposal (not just the money, but the time, knowledge, and the human energy available to you).

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@Ivan I’m with you – if I had a brilliant business idea, I’d be the one using it.

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Figure out what you are passionate about, and then as Nullo said, find a need in the market that will allow you to do it for a living. I have a few friends who have done that, and they almost feel guilty for getting paid (but then reality kicks in).

My dad worked for a large corporation for many years as a salesman, and they wanted to promote him and move him to another state in the US. He opted to quit and start his own business.

Dad was pretty visionary. He saw that Virginia was starting to create environmental protection laws, so he took his love for sales and became a manufacturers’ rep selling water, air and waste control equipment.

The challenge with having your own business is that it takes a wide variety of tasks in order to make it successful. Dad had no interest in the financial side of the business and talked Mom into managing that part, as well as the all of the administrative needs. Together, they became quite successful at running their own business.

Granted, it took several years before it started to pay off. The industry was new, his attempt to run a local cardboard recycling center didn’t pan out, and the commissions (his pay) often didn’t come in until a year after the sale.

The point is, he found a way to start a business doing something he loved, was good at, and was passionate about. And he picked the right people to help him run the business, starting with Mom, and then as the business grew.

You obviously have a talent for languages. The suggestion to start a translation service might just be the right ticket. I worked for a company that created online training, and now that the company has gone global, they need outsourced services for translating it into other languages. It would require sitting at a computer all day and rewriting text that you may not understand. Some people might enjoy that, and some people would quit after giving it a go.

The tour guide idea is also brilliant if you like people, love to collect information on the local area and its history, and have a bit of humor and charisma. I’ve traveled a bit and have been on many tours, and it is the personality of the shuttle driver, restaurant server, tour guide, etc. that makes all the difference in the experience. And it’s been reflected in their tip.

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A friend here had a wonderful idea; “Rent a Husband.” Get suitable men to do manly jobs…carpentry, roofing, painting, staining, pruning, heavy lifting, etc.

Every woman I knew who lived alone or had a hapless husband was thrilled at the idea. Unfortunately, my friend was not able to find suitable and available men.

If you are young, strong and skilled, you can provide a useful business that would be useful for much of society.

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@gailcalled And get them to do it naked. See, that‘s what turns a small business into a raging gangbusters success: understanding (and exploiting) your market.

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Female headache remover will make you rich!! If you need a partner PM me!

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Thanks for your Suggestions, It seems that no one has a good business creative idea, and thanks @SmashTheState for recommending Porn but as @Coloma said, my morals and the society im in doesnt accept this kind of business.
people are right when saying that i should work on something i love to do, but the idea is how this business will be enough creative to be a high profitable

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@Cruiser: If the women who got headaches rented their partners or husbands out to “Rent a Husband,” I bet the headaches would disappear.

And the thought of some guy standing naked on a ladder in order to dust the top of my ceiling fan is just not a turn-on.

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True story.

I have Merry Maids come every so often and one of the girls told me of a man that hired a nude maid service while his wife was out of town.

The nude maid stole his wifes expensive jewelry and he was forced to confess for a police report to what he was ‘up’ to while the wifey was away.

LOL…now that’s what I call instant karma. hahaha

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Sometimes you don’t need to be creative to be profitable. What you do have to do is deliver perfect service. Consistently. Every time. I just paid the plumber $400 to clean out my drain lines. He came when he said he would, called to confirm the appointment, and left the area cleaner than they found it. I’ve given his name to 5 people last week, and 3 have called him.

A young couple near us got a beer license and sells every craft beer they can get their hands on. They have tastings, and leverage e-mail, facebook, local blogs and publications for promotion. They know many of their customers by name, and respond to all requests.

My tree guy and his son made $400,000 profit last year by doing tree removal at half of what their competitors did. They worked 18 hour days, 7 days a week for months to people squared away. When a big storm hit, they got by everyone who called within 24 hours and got tree limbs off of lines for $100 cash. Almost everyone they did that for either called them back, or referred them to someone else.

If you can’t think of something creative on your own, then shouldn’t be in the creative business. Think about what you do well, and what you like to do, or what interests you, and how much start-up money you have to invest.

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Yep, you nailed it..quality service with integrity always wins hands down.

My handyman/gardener pal, my computer tech, and several others in my stable of ‘keepers’ and referals.

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We share a guy who caters, house watches, dog and cat sits and arrives promptly if a pipe bursts or a you need a ride asap to auto mechanic’s.

He makes a very nice living.

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Okay…here are 2 ideas that both came out of a vacation in Savannah, Georgia.

1.) City Tour Guide Training. Offer training classes to people who want to be tour guides. The basic one could be about the city in general. Then there could be a slew of specialized classes on things like giving ghost tours, the Juliette Low house, a Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil tour, etc. If passed, the person gets a certificate. It would allow someone to get a job as a tour guide more quickly and save the tour companies money from vastly reducing the training time.

2.) Bonaventure Cemetery is filled with history and gets a lot of tourists. When I was there, the closest thing we found to a tour guide was the maintenance person on a golf cart and a few signs.

If I were to run it, I’d charge a fee to take a tour and set up a gift shop in the main office. I’d track down the relatives of people buried there and offer a service where we maintained the grave site of their relative and offer to place flowers on it twice a year on the dates of their choice. Photos would be taken and posted on a web site so they could see that we were carrying through with our promise. All for a fee, of course.

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Home Office – lots of small farms near us share a bookkeeper/office manager who shows up once a week, pays the bills, pays the staff, hires staff, budgets the money, makes sure the estimated taxes are paid quarterly, the insurance is up to date, and the paperwork is in shape for the accountant.

If you’re not squeamish, crime scene clean-up. Arrange pet funerals. Someone I know has an online business selling running socks at a really great price. He’s financing college for kids with the money. My neighbor says he earns as much from being a keynote or motivational speaker as he does working at a university.

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Crime scene cleanup…aaaaagh!

I like the pet funerals idea though.

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“True story.

I have Merry Maids come every so often and one of the girls told me of a man that hired a nude maid service while his wife was out of town.”

@Coloma Almost (but not quite) too cruel. And I chuckled too at that story.

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Based on your opinions in a recent thread I suggest you market “KKK” or Nazi memorabilia on street corners in suburbs inhabited by religious minorities. You’d do so well at that. You may learn some valuable lessons that may open your eyes to the realities of how other people respond to your rhetoric.

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Ebay is always a good place to start. While most people looking for instant way to earn money from internet based job, selling something and create and own online business is proven as the most legitimate way to successfully earn money from home.

If you have skills in particular field such as programming, writing, or simple researching you can try to do online freelance based job through freelancing portal.

See : Building an online business

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