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Why do people play video games?

Asked by iAManEXPERT (87points) September 4th, 2009

I am a trying to convince my friend to play video games, and he wants to know why people play video games.

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cause I can’t chop your head off with a battle axe in real life.

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Because they’re fun.

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Because Super Mario Galaxy is my prize for finishing my thesis. Simply amazing.
I better get off Fluther and get typing…

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Because there are a great many dull moments in life that can be removed.

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I used to play games because they were fun and had engaging stories, like Street Fighter II and Resident Evil. I’m sure video games still have these qualities and more, but they don’t seem to do it for me anymore. These days, I’ll occasionally play a video game just to do something different. The games have to be pretty simple though, because I just don’t have the attention span for an in-depth story anymore.

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I love something that pulls me out of my own world for a bit. Like books, videos games do that for me.

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Because there is something for everyone. Argue that point to him. I feel like tastes is video games often shadow tastes in movies. If he liked fast and the furious, he should look into racing games. If he liked lord of the rings, he should look into fantasy or RPG games. If he liked any number of gun-play action movie first person shooters is the way to go. If he just wants to be creative, theres games like little big planet or maybe even the sims.

I like action and shooter games, so I got a Xbox 360. My g/f likes cutesy non-violent adventure games so she got a Wii. Get a feel for what he likes and then you can make suggestions.

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Why do any hobby? Why play sports, watch movies, go to dinner, read books, listen to/rock out to music, etc. etc.

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Plants v Zombies. I’m addicted. Help. Me.

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to escape, de-stress, fantasize, conquer, regress, challenge, envelop, divide, ...

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Because it’s a lot more fun than cleaning your room or doing your homework.

Actually, certain video games such as Flight Simulator do a good job in training folks to be pilots. They still need to actually learn to fly but the military finds it is an excellent preparation. Other fields are also investigating the use of role-playing video games in a variety of venues, including medical triage and teaching military tactics.

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Because you can’t do what you do in videogames in real life. (sometimes) and cause they are the shit!

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It’s a lot of fun but it’s not for everyone.

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I grew up with them. When I was a kid arcade games were coming into fashion and the Atari VCS ruled the home. It was new and exciting and it’s something I never dropped.

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I say it is to keep my mind sharp, but seriously, it is a great stress reliever. I seem to like driving games and killing games. and the games that involve both, well those are, as @Tink1113 said, the shit!

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Twisted Metal. Oh yeah

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@Grisaille Better yet, Deranged Twisted Metal.

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Escapist fun. Stress reliever.

I love video games, but I made a choice years ago to stop playing because I become addicted and won’t get any work done (and I have a lot of work to do).

I was always playing SimCity

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The people who play video games do so because they enjoy them.

There are many people who don’t find video games all that interesting. Your friend might be one of them.

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The video games are good bacause are in english.Another thing is that when you play them your minde is working.

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If he needs convincing they are worth playing , chances are he doesnt like them and will never play them . Let him play your system and see if he catches the gaming bug , some folks do not like games systems and should or shouldn’t be forced into playing them . Match sticks in his eyelids super glue for the controller .and cement for his ass to seat . If its an X-box tho best keep him away from it , and just tell him to play pc games or forgataboutit .

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Start him off with “Whack-a-Mole”

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Because they’re fun.

I love Plants v. Zombies too!

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To have fun, to train your mind, and to follow an interesting story in the game (if there is one).

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Same reason they play any game (or sport for that matter). If your friend doesn’t find it fun, then there’s no point in them. I personally love games, though I personally prefer board games and generally games where you have some sort of social interaction and human opponents (no, some teenage boy called “KiLLah13” on the Kentucky DotA server doesn’t count, sorry).

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Why? Mainly because of the nucleus accumbens in the brain. From Wikipedia: It is thought to play an important role in reward, laughter, pleasure, addiction, fear, and the placebo effect.

One danger of excessive use of video games is instant gratification and losing the ability to enjoy delayed gratification.

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Why? Why do we, (yes we!) play countless of hours on these “video games” why do we take pictures of them? And talk to them, and go all out with them?! Why you say?!

Because video games, are indeed….awesome. I’m a gamer.

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