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What is your definition of love?

Asked by iAManEXPERT (87points) September 5th, 2009

right now im looking for love, and i am really looking for a good definition of LOVE.

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Without looking it up anywhere, I define it as…
A very strong romantic attraction to another person, involving a complex relationship with them and many emotions.

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I think we’ve been through this before, but as I did before, I will refer you to the distinctions that the Greeks made about love, and which are needed in but or lacking from our language.

Here is one discussion of Eros, Agape, Storge, Philia, and Thelema.

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I don’t know….
I’ve never been in love.I’m looking for it but don’t know if I’ll ever find it.

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<resists from making a night at the roxbury/Haddaway reference>

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You say you’re “looking for love”, but I think if you analyze it carefully, you’ll find that this longing for love is actually a whole constellation of desires. Maybe you want to feel that you’re special to someone; you may want a sexual partner that you can fully trust; you may want companionship, someone to share thoughts and experiences with, and on and on. These are all things that you want for yourself, things that you feel are missing in your life and that someone else might be able to provide.

You look at all the people around you and, consciously or sub-consciously, you measure them against this constellation of desires. Your dream mate would satisfy all of them, but in real life we’re doing pretty well to find someone who scratches more than a couple of those itches. When you locate someone who appears to measure up pretty well against your list, you’ll feel a rush of excitement because there’s finally the prospect of filling those holes of desire you perceive in your being.

But having someone else satisfy your desires is only part of the picture. That may be what drives the initial attraction, but it won’t hold up over time. At some point, the focus of desire has to shift from filling your needs to looking after the other’s needs. You start out seeking your own happiness, but you have to end up seeking the other’s happiness. When this shift occurs, that’s a pretty good working definition of love.

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For me:

I want to share every wonderful moment I’ve had, to re create it or share with my love.
I think of ways to bring them ease, comfort, surprise, humor, joy and thrills.
When they hurt, I hurt- we sync up sleep cycles and start craving the same foods on the same days.

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The pains and disappointments of your past feel farther away
You feel inspired to treat yourself better in order to give your best for your love

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Love is that feeling when you would turn yourself completely inside out for another person. Love is when you no longer exist as one.

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God is Love, Love is God but most forget that God is also Just and a good judge because he judges good and wicked .

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@seVen God is God and love is love, and its the easily confused that mix the two up. God is not love, since love is real.

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Love is when you care more about someone else than you do yourself…......

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Thinking about what she likes, when you buy food to make dinner, no matter what you would prefer. Imagining her reaction for everything you do when you are not with her. Working your ass off so you both can be comfortable. Wanting to make children together, and bring them up together. Always being on the same team, no matter how pissed off you are at her. Getting her back, as she gets yours.

Taking two years to decide what carpet to buy. Staying with her even when you feel disconnected, believing that, somehow, you’ll get that feeling again. Lighting up when she smiles. Getting that warm wiggle in your tummy when she looks happy. Knowing that both of you think there is no sacrifice too big to make the other one feel good.

Putting up with her mother, her sisters, and her sister’s husbands without throwing your drink in their faces. Watching chick flicks. Not watching football all day on both Saturday and Sunday. Lying next to her rubbing her shoulders even though you’d much rather be fluthering. Urging her, for the thousandth time, to take care of herself, to think she’s worth taking care of, and to not feel like everything has to be so perfect.

Riding your bike for miles so you can lose some weight. Using the CPAP machine so she can sleep. Closing the door to the bedroom (which makes it stifling), so she isn’t worrying about the kids wandering in. Turning the thermostat up to 78, even though you are making damp spots appear all over your shirt.

Love is a million things you do with her in mind, because you want her to feel good. Because you never stop thinking about her, somewhere in the back of your mind.

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my love is comes from the inside.It is start from the look into one and another eyes. When you first met.Just that look.When you stop the time for a moment.Both of us don t say anything and just fallow the right feeling.

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love is…when you look across the room and you see him/her but you just glance and you have to take a second look because they draw you in with there deep blue eyes that almost look like waves crashing in the ocean or green eyes that look like grass blowing in the wind…or is it there wonderful smile that just makes them glow…and then they look at you then you want to turn your head but you just cant because you cant bare not to look at them. you just feel that sudden desire to go up to them and tell them at that moment you love them no matter who they are with or who is around or whats happening because you feel like time hass stopped around you and there is no one else around you two…now i have never felt love but im pretty sure that is what it is supposed to feel like…

—abbey ricker 9/20/2009

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You can’t imagine leaving them [leaving them for someone else] You go through many bumps, hills and mountains, but in the end you love them for who they are. Also, you imagine a future w/ them. You don’t think that you’re missing out on life if you’re w/ the person.

Ex: If you get into a really really bad fight w/ the other person [does not involved cheating] you still want to work it out and be w/ them.

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french kissing, love poems, chocolate on valintines day, thats my definition

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