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Describe your perfect kiss.

Asked by Luiveton (4162points) October 22nd, 2011

What would your perfect kiss be like?
Who would you want it to be with?
Where would you want it to be?
The time, weather, the whole setting in general.
How long? Yes, you can give details.
Would it be perfect enough, or would you want to add a few extra specials? You can be as creative as you want. wink.

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The best kiss I ever had, I must have been around the same age as you (17ish right?) but it cannot be described with words without paying disrespect & ruining the memory.
Just remember it bro. Happy days. :)

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The best kiss for me was the first with a girl I still love.
Both of us had dizzyness afterwards.
The place was her front door step.
The time was about midnight.
I really don’t remember anything else. It completely wiped me out.

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One that makes your leg pop :)

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Man and woman shackled together with their mouths super glued together, and a trusted friend with the key and nail polish remover who swore to God not to return for 24 hours.

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@Boogabooga1 Hahah Girl* not bro :)

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The perfect kiss is always done with a lot of passion and makes your body turn to jelly and your mind go blank.

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It was so slow and soft even in the din of a hugely busy restaurant. It was the first kiss with my fiancee, our very first date. We met at a local restaurant near our jobs, a mainly young singles spot so I was a bit uncomfortable to park and walk through throngs of guys grouped outside to find my guy inside. I had to text him to come find me and when he led me to the table he’d picked out, it was dead center of the restaurant, the best table in front of their fireplace. We were surrounded by tables of all guys, all girls and here we were a couple totally stargazing each other’s eyes and then the kiss. Wow.

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Oh boy…
It would be the exact opposite of my first one. XD

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With no hesitation…or interruptions, for a chance! Okay, maybe a little eyeing hesitation wouldn’t hurt.

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Passionate, open mouth, hands all over, leading to more.

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I don’t really enjoy kissing.
A perfect kiss would be one that would make me feel like flying.

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In fact, I think all kisses should be few. One should wait only for those special ‘perfect’ kisses. And in contrast, more hugs should be given in place of those ‘less-special’ kisses. And yes, there are plenty of those kinds of kisses. This actually may aid in people getting less sick as well. Just saying.

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No. It doesn’t matter what mine is. You will find your own. To me kissing is very intimate and there aren’t standards. You’ll know when the perfect one happens.


I love being slowly kissed——all over—- while totally restrained.

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hmmm. My best kiss? Awe, I remember. It was when my husband drove me home from a party.I wasn’t on a date with him. We just kinda hooked up at the party and decided each was fun and exciting. He drove me home which was really out of his way. But he did. When we reached my home. We talked a couple of minutes then. It was our first kiss. It was unexpected on my behalf. We were in his truck and it was so innocent and sweet for me. I thought him hansom and sexy. A mystery inside that I wanted to explore and get to know. Yet, afterwards I wished I had not been living with my parents. lol

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