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What's your favorite tool for recording Skype calls?

Asked by timtrueman (5751points) September 5th, 2009

I need to record a conference call for a podcast. I prefer to use Mac software but I could use Windows or Linux apps if there’s nothing compelling on the Mac.

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Remember that by law you have to tell people they are being recording in most situations.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Everyone will be very aware that is the nature of the call.

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Right on. Good luck.

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This is what Skype recommends for Mac users to record Skype calls.

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Leo Laporte from TWiT uses a mixer recording the PC out and the mic on seperate channels, then sends it to another box running Adobe Audition and a fast hard drive over firewire. At least this is the way he did it two years ago. You could save some money on the software side by using Ardour, which is GPLed, instead of Adobe Audition.

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Is there an alternative that is free?
Als I’d be more interested in recording GoogleTalk conversations since I use that 99% of the time.

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Pamela is a paid app that plugs into Skype, it will cost $30 or so for the pro version that allows Skype recording. Can’t vouch for the quality though.

If you use Gizmo5 instead of Skype it has a built in call recorder. No video options though.

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