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I'm starting a Podcast for women to go along with my brand, You're WORTH It and I'm stuck trying to figure out a title. I need suggestions!

Asked by ltoban (330points) July 11th, 2019

My brand is You’re WORTH It, to motivate, equip, empower and inspire women. I’m starting a podcast to provide more knowledge and insight on personal development. I wanted “Let’s Talk About It” which is the title of my YouTube Channel, but it’s already taken. What are some suggestions?

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There’s no rule that says your podcast must have a unique title. There are plenty of podcasts that share their name with another podcast (e.g. “Popcorn” with Peter Travers and “Popcorn” with Mitchell Davis and Jack Ferry). So if you really want “Let’s Talk About It” to be your title, you can do that and just add your name in to make it clear whose podcast it is. You could also add a word to differentiate yourself from the pre-existing podcast (e.g., “Hey, Let’s Talk About It” or “Let’s Talk About It, Y’all”).

Is there some reason you don’t want to use your brand name for your podcast? Because “You’re W.O.R.T.H. It” seems like it could work just fine as a title.

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A play on words: WORTHYMISS (worthiness, get it?)

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@kritiper It took me a while, but I get it! Nice!

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Female empowerment is awesome, exploiting it for profit is really shitty. Tread carefully or your brand won’t be worth much.

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@gorillapaws Interesting feedback. Thank you for sharing!

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