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Name some bands or musical artists you love that it seems no one else has ever heard of.

Asked by dalepetrie (18014points) August 7th, 2008

Here’s my list:

Enuff Z’Nuff
Life Sex and Death
Danko Jones

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I’m a big fan of R&B and there are two artists I’ve discovered that aren’t blown up like Lil Wayne.

First would be my favorite right now, Tq, amazing artist, check him out. Then the other would be Trey Songz

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Incredible band from NJ. The lead singer, Jimmy Gnecco, has one of the greatest voices around.



I’m a Monster

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MC Paul Barman


Mr. Lif

Kool Keith

The Olivia Tremor Control

Zion I

Mac Dre

Spice 1


Immortal Technique

Cannibal Ox


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The Polish Ambassador
Root Boy Slim

and a lot of random European techno DJ’s

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I really like Ours. :-)

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There’s a guy called Kevin Tihista who made a really great album a couple of years back called Don’t Breathe a Word – really good, clever songs, very touching. When you see the success of some of the acts out there, its a wonder that he never made it.
Also, I once saw an amazing French Jazz/Funk act called Le Gros Tube – they haven’t released anything as far as I’m aware, but you can buy their album from their site – link – just fun and funky party music, great live! They should be huge!

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@WakeUp: Immortal Technique was at the Rock the Bells Concert I went to last weekend. I got him to sign an album and take a picture with me.

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Awesome! I’m surprised you’ve heard of them.

By the way, is your icon, John Bonham?

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Flying Lotus, Chad VanGaalen, Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, The Mars Volta, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Pimus, Royksopp, and Soundgarden. It really disappoints me that my friends haven’t heard of some of these bands.

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Soundgarden is one of my favorites!
I just saw Chris Cornell at Project Revolution about 3 week ago.

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Yes, it is.

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He’s one of my favorite drummers. Good pick

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Robin Thicke, Wiz Khalifa, Ben E. King, Collie Buddz, and Kidz in the Hall.
Pretty much all are R&B, hip hop, or raggae.

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I thought everone had heard of Soundgarden, at least anyone who listened to music in the early-mid 90s (they played Lollapalooza ‘96 alongside Metallica, not exactly a no namer). And did you mean Primus, or is there a band called Pimus (I’ve seen Primus live a couple times…great show). I also am familiar with Ours, Kool Keith, Spice 1, E-40, Ween, Probot, LCD Soundsystem, The Mars Volta, Robin Thicke and Ben E King (doesn’t everyone know who Ben E. King is)?

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Ben E. King = Stand By Me

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1. Kane, Holland
2. Portishead, UK
3. Longview, UK
4. Morcheeba, UK
5. Everything But The Girl, UK (they had a major hit in the mid 90’s, Missing, but you just can’t imagine how good they are, twentysomething years making great music!)
And some others that I can’t recall right now (I have to take a look at my cds)

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Johnny Marr & The Healers
Kings of Convenience

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@rawpixels- That was exactly the song I was thinking of! Do you have any other favorites by the King?

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To be honest, that’s the only one I know by Ben E. Ever hear John lennon’s version of Stand By Me? So good!

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Royksopp is a great band! I forgot Chris Lake and Sylver :)

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Kenna, their first album (and as far as I’m concerned, the only album, his latest is complete crap) is awesome.

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The Clarks!
Born Too Late
Shimmy Shimmy Low
Penny On The Floor
I could keep going but if you are really interested
You can get their music on amazon

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I am really interested. I’ve heard of the Clarks, I have to look at some of these youtube clips when I have a minute.

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Murder by Death


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I still get too many blank stares when I mention Richard Buckner or Damien Jurado, two of the finest, most prolific singer/songwriters/story tellers this side of Ryan Adams. And I can’t believe everyone doesn’t know The Shins by now. Just great music.

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Here is another song by The Clarks that I love.
On Saturday

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gogol bordello.

I’m with dalepetrie on soundgarden. I was a huge fan and so were all of my friends. They were pretty popular. I even remember Chris Cornell in the movie Singles.

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Oh yeah, I love Gogol Bordello. Did you see the movie Everything is Illuminated? Elijah Wood plays a young Jewish American who ventures to the Ukraine to find the woman who saved his grandfather’s life in WWII. It’s somewhat of a dark comedy/drama, but the reason I bring it up is the other main character in the film is played by Eugene Hutz, lead singer of Gogol, and most of the soundtrack for the movie is GB songs. Great film, great band.

Start wearing purple for me now!

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Have you guys heard of TISM? My favourite songs of theirs: (He’ll Never Be An) Ole Man River, and, Greg! The Stop Sign!

How about these bands?

The Screaming Jets
Something for Kate
Midnight Oil

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Best new band right now…Glasvegas. Just ask Alan McGee…

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Midnight Oil actually had top 40 hits back in the late 80s so not sure they qualify. I personally love Rammstein…German is such an evil sounding language, there really should be more German metal (and I’m not talking about the Scorpions)

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I wasn’t sure exactly how big Midnight Oil were/are outside of the land of oz.

Rammstein does sound so evil, great isn’t it?!!!!

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Yeah, first time I heard Rammstein I knew I had to find out what this was I was listening to so I could run right out and buy it…it was almost visceral.

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I love alternative music, so pretty much nobody’s ever heard of some of my favorite bands;

The Fratellis
The Ting Tings
Yael Naim

And a whole bunch more that I can’t think of right now…

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Oh yes, I love the Fratellis and MIA, I just recently heard of the Ting Tings, but don’t know of Yael Naim, I’ll check it out.

I was just thinking another one I love that doesn’t have a HUGE following is Fishbone.

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I haven’t even heard of Fishbone, haha.

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Fishbone has been around over 20 years.

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For me it will be Neal Morse. Has anyone here heard of him at all? Former vocalist in Spocks Beard, and Transatlantic, now having his solo career. Everyone who loves prog music should check him out.
@xxpork: Røyksopp is great! i listen to them a lot.

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@flyawayxxballoon: I’ve heard of all of those! In fact, I may be going to see the Fratellis in a few weeks. Also…am I crazy or have songs from all four of those artists been used in Apple commercials?

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Forever the Sickest Kids.
Breathe Carolina
Idiot Pilot
Cory Brannan
We Are Scientists
Band of Horses
Norma Jean

A few are decently known but none are huge yet. They all kick ass though.

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Band of horses is pretty big now, saw them at the Hove Festival in Norway this summer, pretty good music.

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Quicksilver Messenger Service, even though they’ve been around forever. also Nick Drake, Menomena, Super Furry Animals, & Merlinmoon

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Rosie Vela – model who really can sing….Donald Fagen and Walter Becker (of Steely Dan, but I know you knew that Dale) helped produce and play on her one AWESOME album Zazu. I had to get it as a Japanese import and I paid dearly for it, but it was SO worth it.

Dead Can Dance
Cocteau Twins (both “dream pop” bands)

Nik Kershaw (from the 80s and so much fun)

Eddie from Ohio (very much fun as well)

Mike Dugan (blues player – really talented)

Jen Chapin (daughter of Harry Chapin…..jazzy, rock-like, but mostly she is the most talented song writer – and she can deliver a song beautifully. Great.

I’m sure I’ll remember more later and I’m sure you have heard of at least some of these bands, but I thought I’d share in case others have not. They are worth a listen.

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That’s not true.

I would’ve never heard of them if uber didn’t show me them =P

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There are some awesome musicians on this list. Thanks all!

I’m gonna throw a random one out there, hopefully some fish will bite. NUJABES

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I discover a bunch of new R&B artists everyday. You know not like mainstream artists like Lil Wayne or Jay-Z.

If you’re into R&B, check these out:

• Joe (Joe Thomas)
• J. Valentine
• Brandon Beal
• Charlie Wilson
• Tq
• Qwote

That’s it for now ;)

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Lil Wayne is coughshitcough

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I didn’t recommend Lil Wayne ;)

Check those artists out.

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anyone heard about Stonegard?

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Nope! Therefore, great answer! Hahaha…

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haha, thanks :p if you (or someone else) like stoner metal/heavy metal, check them out. Especially the songs Arrows and At Arms Length. pretty good norwegian stuff.

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Stoner metal? Like Queens of the Stone Age? Heck yeah! Cool, thanks…

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nah, not quite like that :p maybe some similarities, but more on the heavy metal side. I might dare to call it a mix between new metallica and QOTSA don’t hit me

So for another great norwegian band, Turbonegro. Anyone heard about them? they made the theme song for “Wildboys” (The Jackass show with only Steve-O and Chris) They’re also very good friends of QOTSA. last year, Josh Homme said that they didn’t want to play in norway unless Turbonegro was the support band :p

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kinda grunge stuff…
but noone ever knows who they are…

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