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How can I get gmail "contacts" onto my iphone?

Asked by rufuswashere (26points) September 7th, 2009

I would like my contacts from my gmail account to go into my iPhone. However, my iPhone needs to use Microsoft Exchange for my work email, so I can’t use “google sync”, which also uses MS Exchange, and iPhone can only have one MS Exchange acount. (I can use google calendar since it does so through the “caldav” protocol.)

Is there any way around this? Thank you!

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If you go into Gmail and hit contacts, and then “export” in the upper right hand corner, a menu pops up with a list of different ways to export your contact list.

I guess you would want the Outlook CSV choice, or maybe vCard?

doing either one will download a little file full of the contacts, which you should be able to point your iphone towards?

Not owning an iPhone or using Exchange, after that initial step of hitting “export” i don’t know where you should go, but my hope is that the contact-list-file is the right thing.

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Thank you. It’s a way of getting the contacts onto the iPhone, but they are not synchronized. .

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Ahh- synchronization is probably a bit more of an issue. I would look for programs that sync contacts between, say, gmail and outlook, and see if you can set up some kind of double-syncing chain of programs.

I don’t know if thats worth the trouble though.

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Found this on a forum .

Hi Guys,

new here so forgive me if this doesnt answer the question… But you can import all you Gmail contacts to your iphone
. Firstly, make sure all your gmail contacts are up to date and delete the ones you dont want to copy over.

Second, make sure you have the latest Itunes and Iphone 2.01.

Open Itunes with your iphone connected. Select the info tab on the Iphone page, then under Contacts you will see the drop down defaults to “outlook” change the sync contacts with “gmail” and enter all the log in info etc… and there ya go… all your gmail contacts on your iphone..

Hope this helps


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Thanks for the link, but google sync needs to use MS Exchange, and I need that for my work email.

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Just like @aphilotus said. iTunes has this option but you can’t have it sync over the air. You need to plug it in to update but I think this is the last option you’ve got. Unless you could view your Gmail contacts from the Gmail web app? Maybe? I don’t know. I hope you find a solution to this problem.

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